Friday, November 4, 2011

A Very Pretty Gift

A couple of weeks ago my Mom-in-Love gave me a piece of furniture that she really could not find a spot for.  She finds wonderful pieces of furniture at consignment and antique shops and had too many pieces in her home.  So she asked me if I would want this piece.  Oh yeah!
This piece has pretty fall coloring to it.  I am hoping for some input on how I should dress this piece.  Do I leave it as is?  I have my favorite print above it right now.
Another problem I have is that the print is hanging to high over the table.  I had a taller table sitting under it before and I do not have any of this paint nor do I know what color the paint is because it was on the walls when we moved in.  I plan on painting this room in the next few months but I am helping a daughter paint some rooms in her house right now so I am not ready to paint quite yet.  Do I just move the print down and ignore any marks that might be left behind or do I put something tall on the table?  Or does the print not work with the chest?  I have to admit I have never been so stumped on how to use a piece of furniture.
What would you sit on a chest with a painted top like this?   I normally would fill something like this with framed pictures and a candle or some sort of decorative piece.  I would love a little advice if anyone would be willing to give it.  Have a wonderful weekend.


Blessing to all from our home in the woods.


Bee Lady said...

Well if it were at our house right'd be stacked full and I'd be setting a timer for 15 minutes to get it cleared off as a hot spot from! Ask "The Vintage Farmhouse" what to do. She's good at that. So is Rebecca Ersfield. Both listed in my sidebar.

I do have a trick for you for the paint though. I've done this. Move the picture, fill the hole with toothpaste (not gel) and let it dry. Go to a local craft store and buy some of that acrylic paint that you tole paint with...if you aren't sure of the color, buy a bit darker and buy some cream or white to mix it with. I have filled many a nail hole like this. The other thing you can do is take a piece of the paint to Shewin Williams and they will match it perfectly. They have a machine that does this. And they have small containers you can buy and they are having a 40% off sale this weekend.

Cindy Bee

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

I was going to give you the same advice as Cindy about the paint - we moved a huge cabinet this year that had some holes behind it. There is a filler called "Dap" that comes in a tube like toothpaste with a spreader on the end that you can get to fill n the holes, then get a small bottle of acrylic and mix and match the best you can and "feather" it around the spotches. It'll work great!!

mrs. c said...

I would put some tall candle sticks and so clear or lightly colored glass so you can see the design on the dresser. I am going to say something you would not consider, I would paint it! I know, it's an antique but I love to paint wooden furniture bright colors, like turquoise, red, or even white. Have a great weekend.

mrs. c said...

Got your note, It's been super busy and I am so sorry I have not responded......and taking a closer look at the top of that dresser, I would not paint it, it's too pretty! Have a great Sunday! Will e-mail you soon.

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hi my dear MI friend! If you're going to paint before long, I'd put something tall on the table to "bridge the gap". It certainly is a pretty table, lucky you!