Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas all!

Have a wonderful Christmas and many blessing in the New Year to come.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My favorite Christmas decoration and usually the first I get out is the Manger.  I spent a few years collecting the figures and hubs built the Manger itself.
I picked this particular group from Italy because it is some sort of molded plastic/rubber and hand painted, because my daughters were having babies and I wanted something that would not break.  Most years the toddlers move the pieces around and it gives the adults a chance to talk about baby Jesus.  I think this was the first year they did not change how I had it set up.  It was a little disappointing for me, I did not have to hunt for the baby Jesus to return him even once.
I was all set to join up with Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock's M party this week but she decided to take a break from the normal Alphabet link up.  Linking up anyway because I have been missing in action so long I expect everyone will think I just don't know what I am doing anymore.

Hey, M is also for Merry Christmas!  Blessings!

Jenny Matlock

Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating the Season!

Hello out there good friends!  I hope you have not given up on me.  The last three weeks have just flown by.  I have been having fun with family and friends.  Thought I would show you some of the highlights.  The first weekend of the month I celebrated my birthday with these lovely ladies.  I took the picture so I of coarse I am not in it.
 Hubs and I went to our five year old granddaughters Christmas program.  Here she is with grandpa after the program.
My camera does not take very good pictures from afar but I did take this little video I can share with you.
One of our grandsons has a December birthday so we celebrated with him this past week.
His mommy (our daughter) built this awesome gingerbread house for the children to play in at the party.
We had our family Christmas gathering at our house yesterday.  We had a wonderful time with the grandchildren and having all the family together.  The granddaughters looked lovely.
We passed a gift out to each of the children and made them wait until everyone had a gift before they could open theirs.  I got some cute pictures.  Looked like they were waiting at the starting line for a race. 
There were quite a few late nights getting this afghan done for the oldest grandson but it was well worth it.  I am going to make one for each, working from oldest to youngest.
And I always get the grandchildren new PJ's for Christmas.  They always like getting them.
I know that you are all busy and I do not know how you manage to keep your blogs everyday.  I hope to start posting more often now and I hope you will all come back for a visit.  I hope you are all enjoying your family this season as I am.  Love and Blessings!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Thought I would give you an update of the happenings here at our house in the woods.  Of coarse we had a great Thanksgiving gathering.  Great Grandparents, Grandparents (us), Children and
Spouses and the Grandchildren of coarse.  Here it is.  I did not take pictures. I was too involved with the cooking and spending time with the loved ones.  My mom in law took lots of pictures which she is going to put on a disk for me but I do not have any right now.  We had a wonderful day!  Because I am going away this weekend and because Saturday is my birthday there was also a birthday cake and some presents on Thanksgiving while we were all together.  Lets just say my sweet tooth is good and sweet.  My grands got me some sweet gifts.  There was a Scottie mug with hot chocolate, wrapping paper with flower seeds embedded in it (you just put the paper in you garden in the spring and cover with dirt) and a pretty little music box with a necklace.  You get the picture I am sure.  I also received this:
From this wonderful sweet lady:
Mom in Love
This lady bought this little desk for herself a couple of months ago to put in a spare room upstairs for an extra computer set up.  I mentioned I had been looking for a desk this size to put on a wall in our dining room, and if she found one in her second hand shopping sprees to let me know.  I have been told she has found another to replace this one but I know her heart and I expect it is not exactly what she wanted.  I am blessed.
I also received this new magazine in the mail this past week.  I won it over at The Quilted Fish and it has some great blocks.  A couple I think I would love to use for pillow tops.  Also you should go visit Amanda over at the Quilted Fish she has a lovely blog.
I am still working on the felt food for a Christmas presents for the little grands.  Here are what the pancakes and eggs are looking like.
And I have brought home some more fabrics for to make gifts for my wonderful lady friends.
The trees are up and lit.  I have went out and bought new lights for the village because I never did find the box even after pulling everything up the steps.  I will share pictures of those things at a later time.  It is busy for everyone right now and I know you will understand why I am not posting as much and I am taking a break from the blogging parties this week.  I am going away with my friends for a couple of days and hopefully I will do a better job taking some pictures to share.  Since I am getting a little wordy today I think I will just say goodbye for now and I will catch up with you all soon!  Blessings!