Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful Faces

It is hard to decide which picture of which grandchild to share first.  This first picture is of our youngest granddaughter.  Both of our granddaughters are home schooled and take some extra curriculum classes at a church they have attended.  They both take a class called Keys and Strings where they are getting some basics on the keyboard and violin.

We have celebrated a lot of the grands birthdays in the past couple of months.  Yesterday was our youngest grandsons birthday and today we went to a party for him.
He got a fake tattoo in the middle of the forehead the night before in case you were wondering what that red spot is.  I guess they do not wash off to easily.
Eating his ice cream cone from the bottom.  I think he must have found the cone more to his liking.
Birthday boy's sisters.

Our grandsons, the cousins:
Oldest who's birthday was in April and I forgot my camera.
Second oldest who's birthday was also in April and I shared a picture during the month of April with you.
Brother number three, and next brother number four.

Also last month our oldest granddaughter celebrated her birthday.
She loves the girly cloths.  The pink is from myself and grandpa.
The next dress is from her Auntie.
She went to Chicago for her birthday and visited the American Girl doll shop.  Her present from mommy and daddy was to get her dolls hair done and ears pierced.  She also used some birthday money to buy some doll accessories.
I had many more beautiful faces in pictures from the parties but I expect this post is long enough already. I will share the afghan that I gave our one year old grand when I can get a good picture of him with it.  Hope you are all having a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day from our home in the woods!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Night with Friends Results

I spent yesterday evening cutting pieces for two more Farmers Wife blocks.  I did not get them pieced last night but I did finish them up this morning.

Block #1 Attic Windows:  I really liked how easily and quickly this block went together.  I would like to make a few of these into a table topper.
I decided to make a second block again this week.  This one is block # 31 Evening Star.  The piecing is getting easier for me now that I have made 10 of the blocks.

Has anyone joined in with Red Brolly's Girls Own Stitching Club?  

I have made a dent in the first sampler that came out the end of April.
All the pieces will go together in a quilt and it is garden themed.  You might want to join in if you haven't!

Just want to share a picture that is not stitching related.  Our weather has taken a turn for the best and we are now enjoying our spring!  All of the rain has the ponds over the banks this spring.  I tried to take a picture of the Mallards that come in every morning for a swim without scaring them off.  Hopefully you can find the Mr. Mallard that I finally caught in my lens.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night With Friends

Happy Friday!  It seems I have only been posting on Friday's and not very often.  I have some Farmers Wife blocks to share tonight.  I put together this first block the Friday before last.  It is number 104 Wild Geese.

 I pieced an extra block that week, number 75, Rainbow Flowers.  I have decided I need to add an extra block in the mix so it does not take me two years to finish this quilt.  This is the only block that I have went out and bought fabric for so far.  I liked how the example in the book was the same print just different colors so when I found a line I could use I made that my next block.

Last week's block was number 14, Butterfly at the Crossroads.
I have picked out the fabrics for this weeks block and for an extra block.  I am going to spend the rest of the evening cutting the pieces out and hopefully starting to piece them together.
Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow to the other participants of Friday Night With Friends.

I also finished another bag to take on my trip which is just 17 days away.  Have I told you I am going to Hawaii with my very best friend?!  More about that later.

This is the Mini Messenger bag from Quilts Illustrated designed by Darci Wright.  If you remember  on my last post I made the rather large Cosmo Bag for my carry on tote to stash all my magazines, books, crocheting and some hand stitching in.  And it was not an easy bag.  But this one, I would make again.  The pattern was very easy to follow and I love how it turned out.
I used Moda's PB & J line of fabric, one charm pack and a yard of the fabric for the outside and lining.  I also bought 1/2 yard of one of the other fabrics for the inside pockets so they would stand out.  I have fabric left to make another bag for a gift if I want.  This is the back of the bag.

As much as I am enjoying my sewing time, I am going to have to wind the larger projects up and start working on my gardening.  The days have finally started warming up over the last 3 or 4 days.  The grass is turning green and the hens have been enjoying their time outside of the run scratching in the yard.

Thank you for stopping by!  Blessings from our home in the woods.


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