Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching Up-Vacation

Here we are, Fall is moving in and I have not shared much at all about our summer.  So I am going to try and get a few posts in and do just that.  Hubs and I only had a short three day vacation this year but we enjoyed every bit of it.  We stayed on the Leelanau Peninsula here in our home state of Michigan.  We  have stayed on the Peninsula before outside of Sutton's Bay, this year we stayed in the Northport area.

 This is an older motel and somewhat dated but it was comfortable and had everything we needed including a small kitchen area and small living room.  Outside was a large yard with picnic tables and grills available for all the visitors.  Also a path down  to a small beach area.
We spent a lot of time sitting on the lawn reading and little time down by the water.  The beach area had very large rocks in the water, to large for me to walk on but hubs did manage to make it out a ways before he gave up and said it was just to cold.
The same two chairs at another time of the day looking 
out toward the water.
In the pictures above if you looked out across the bay you can just barely see Gull Island.  I had not heard of Gull Island in the 30 plus years I have lived in Michigan.  A couple that were local gave me a short story about how someone had built a house on the island and tried to live there but the Gulls won the battle and the people finally abandoned their home. If you like history like this you can read about it here.

Only thing left behind on Gull Island are the two chimneys of the home.

These are some children taking sailing lessons.  It was fun to watch them deliberately tip over their boats and have to pull them upright again.
Sutton's Bay have some very colorful shops to browse which we did spend a couple hours doing.

It was a relaxing and enjoyable time for both of us. 

A little windblown selfie with squinty eyes but the hubs always takes a good picture so I will share anyway.  This vacation was in July so I still have over a month to catch you up
 on what I have been up to this summer.

Blessings from our home in the woods.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Night With Friends Results

I was working along with all the FNWF  from Gone Stitchin last night and I am late with my post on the results, which is really bad since it has been months since I have signed up to play along.  But I drove an hour away this morning to watch my youngest granddaughter play her first ever game of soccer.  She did great!  Pictures are not great but she is number 10.

No face shots and I see I did not crop the second picture very well.

I got a late start since I worked a full day yesterday and I started out with this pile of yarn.

I have been doing a block a week every Friday night from the Simply Crochet App. You can read about it on their Facebook page here.  You will find the information at the top of the page.  I did not get last weeks downloaded so I had two this week but only finished one, and just started the second one which I hope to finish tonight.

After I finish each they get added to this box in hope of having enough to put together in some way for an afghan.

So although I am late posting and I did not get a lot done I am usually always working on something along with my bloggy friends every Friday night.

Blessing from our home in the woods!