Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Night With Friends Results

I was working along with all the FNWF  from Gone Stitchin last night and I am late with my post on the results, which is really bad since it has been months since I have signed up to play along.  But I drove an hour away this morning to watch my youngest granddaughter play her first ever game of soccer.  She did great!  Pictures are not great but she is number 10.

No face shots and I see I did not crop the second picture very well.

I got a late start since I worked a full day yesterday and I started out with this pile of yarn.

I have been doing a block a week every Friday night from the Simply Crochet App. You can read about it on their Facebook page here.  You will find the information at the top of the page.  I did not get last weeks downloaded so I had two this week but only finished one, and just started the second one which I hope to finish tonight.

After I finish each they get added to this box in hope of having enough to put together in some way for an afghan.

So although I am late posting and I did not get a lot done I am usually always working on something along with my bloggy friends every Friday night.

Blessing from our home in the woods!



Dawn said...

Love the crotchet blocks they will come together lovely in a rug. It's wonderful to be able to sit and knit on a Friday night after a busy week.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Beautiful box of blocks, love the bright, cheery colors.

Bee Lady said...

I never did start on the crochet a long. Wish I would have. I think those squares will come together just fine. You might have to work it like a puzzle, but it's going to look great!

I know how important it is for those grand kids to have their grand parents at their games. I never knew, until the little guy I used to watch said he saw that I didn't come "until almost half time" during a soccer game! He never had a problem letting me know if he was upset with me about something!

Cindy Bee
Cindy Bee

Cheryll said...

Thanks for joining in FNWF...and showing us some wonderful crochet work. It will be a lovely when complete.