Thursday, March 31, 2016

Finish Along

I managed to finish one more project for this quarters Finish Along from the original link up list here.  I was about 1/2 through this afghan when I added it to the list.  I have wanted to crochet one of the stripy afghans using different stitches for a while so I started using the extra yarn that I had left from my daughters afghan and some of the colors that I thought I would use in the Sophie but did not.  This pattern is called Spice of Life and was another CAL.  You can still get the pattern at Cherry Heart here.

The before picture from the first of the year.

The finish!

I am short, the above picture was taken standing on a chair. 
Close up of the edging I finished it with.

I was happy using up some of the extra yarn I had and the colors work well in one of our guest rooms.  I have used Willow Wash yarn for these last two afghans and really like the colors and softness of the yarn.  It works up really well.

Out of the list of 4 projects I wanted to finish this quarter, I finished 3.  I did get the quilt top put together but did not get it backed and quilted.  So I will add that to the next quarters list.
2016 Finish-A-Long

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

FNSI Results

My results for the Easter version of the Friday night sew in are in the below picture.  I finished 5 of the six blocks pictured over the weekend and have three to go. These blocks were purchased in kits from 9 quilt shops that were participating in a shop hop.  Instead of sticking them in a drawer with many more shop hop kits, I decided to work on them right away.   They are for a mini quilt that I did not buy the finishing kit for.  I decided I could put nine blocks together with sashing on my own.  I will make sure to share the finished quilt.

I am not sure I am in love with the colors provided in the bottom left block, I have some batiks in my stash and may remake that one.  The piece of batik that came with the top middle kit was too small and I took that batik out of my stash. Now I need to go check in on the other Sew In participants and I hope I have posted within the time I was suppose to.   Hope you are all having a great week!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Another Finish

I have another finish to share from my original link up post here.  The first of the year I had not very much left to finish this afghan that I had been working on close to a year for my oldest daughter.  She loves color so I participated in a CAL that Dedri at Look At What I Made shared last year.  You can still go to Dedri's blog and follow the directions for this afghan here, it is called Sophie's Universe CAL.
Where I was the first of the year.
 Here the blanket is after I delivered to my daughter.  I wanted a picture of her with it but she had been sick that week and I have not made it back down for a visit with her since.
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2016 Finish-A-Long

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Winter has returned to our Michigan home.  We have a couple inches of snow on the ground that followed a rain/sleet mix.  I am unsure if we will receive anymore of this weather but I will be glad that I do not work tomorrow and can stay home to sew, crochet or whatever my hearts content.  I have realized that I have finished a couple of the projects for the Finish-A-Long that I signed up to participate in for the first time and I should start getting my posts up and ready for the link up in about a weeks time.  I had listed 4 projects that I planned on getting done in this quarter of the year but I know that one will not make the cut and I will have to add to the next quarter. My link up post is here. So with that all being said my first project that I finished this quarter was a cupboard that we used in our dining area to hold my collection of teapots, cups and saucers.  I had asked my dear husband and grandson move it downstairs to my sewing area shortly before the end of last year.  It is a heavy piece so I was grateful that they were happy to do it for me.
This is the before picture.  I had painted this a few years ago and had never finished painting the bottom doors that cover the drawers.  I do not think anyone that visited even realize they were missing.  I started over from scratch because of coarse these colors did not work in my sewing room.
 These are the pictures I remembered to take after I had been painting for a couple of days and had already started loading the shelves.  The black paint is the same paint I have used on a dresser I use for storage and another storage unit that I blogged about years ago that was made over from an old gun cabinet.  I added some white paint to lighten up some grey that I found in the storage room for the drawers.
 No doors on in this picture yet.  I did not bother to paint over the yellow stripes because I expect no one will ever notice them once I have stacked the shelves with fabric.
 Here is the mess I needed to clean up, I still have some projects left out on this counter top to work on in the near future, so not totally cleared off but not unusable anymore.
 I just used double stick tape and some wrapping paper I found in the dollar bins at Michaels Crafts to line the drawers.  They were shorter rolls and fit great.
 And found that I can starch and press fat quarters to lay flat in these drawers for projects that I am currently working on.  This drawer is full of fabrics I am using for the Splendid Sampler QAL.
 Doors on! New knobs from Hobby Lobby and an old crochet bookmark I made years ago hangs from the antique key still in the door lock.
 I am very happy with the way it turned out and know it will be so much more useful here than where I used it before.
 And since I was priming and painting I got around to these old beat up paint splattered chairs that I had been meaning to paint for the same area also.
 I just need to find some new chair pads that fit, they are a little hard to sit on when I am sewing for a few hours at a time.
I am glad I have signed up to participate with the Finish-A-Long over at Clover and Violet, it has definitely motivated me to finish some projects and I am already thinking of the next quarters list.

Blessings from our home in the woods!


2016 Finish-A-Long