Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dads visit.

My dad has been visiting from Indiana for the past two weeks. I have to say I was worried he would get board since Jeff and I have had to work for most of that time. But he really enjoys walking around our property and just visiting when we can. I was able to take a day off and take him to a local flea market. And we fed him good, as he has said many times. But our highlight of the two weeks has been a bonfire/cookout we had that all the granddaughters (our daughters) and their children came to. We also had some of Jeff's family over to enjoy it with us. But since my dad does not often see all the grandchildren and great grandchildren at one time because he lives out of state, (rather I'm the one that lives out of state since most all my family lives in Indiana) I thought I would post some wonderful pictures I was able to get at our bonfire. As you can see everyone had fun!

Great Get Together!

The bonfire!

Dad feeding the bonfire.

Dad/Grandpa/Great Grandpa/Raymond

Great Grandpa, Zaiden, Savannah, Natalie,
Lucas and Ethan.

Great Grandpa and Skyler

Savannah, Liz, Shannon, Grandpa,
Samantha and Ethan.

Some marshmallow eaters.

Lucas marshmallow face.

Natalie, grandpa and Skyler.

Great grandpa and Ethan.

Some Great Faces!

Samantha and Lucas

Shannon and Will

Savannah Banana

Natalie and Zaiden

Jeff and Lucas

Lucas looking like a cupie doll.


Jeff finally sat down, at long last.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Better Late than Never.

Finally I have some time to post something. The Forth is long past but here are some my favorite pictures that I took that day. We always go to Jeff's parents home for the Forth of July. The parade passes right in front of the house and they have a pot luck with a lot of company. Great fun!

Forth of July Parade Pictures

Natalie and Grandpa

Natalie, grandpa and Savannah.

Savannah did not like the loud horns.

Forth of July Family Pictures.

Jeff, his dad Roger and brother Mike.

Bette, Amy and Robyn/Jeff, Roger and Mike.