Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Praise

Psalm 146:1 & 2

1 Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord, O my soul.

2  I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long
as I live.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Home

I have only posted twice since Thanksgiving, although I have been taking pictures and thinking of things to share I have not sat down here long enough to pick out the pictures, save them and put a post together.  I started decorating our home for Christmas later than usual this year.  We decided to finally bite the bullet and get some new furniture for our living room.  I had not painted or really done anything in that room since we moved here five years ago and when the bug finally hit me the end of  November I decided I needed to get the room painted before the furniture was delivered.  Here are some pictures that I took after getting the Christmas decor up.  The rest of the post will be mostly picture heavy.

First the new furniture.
His and Hers
The color is Terracotta. 
Yes, that is it, two chairs and a couch.  There is a large ottoman, but it has not came yet.  Not sure if you can see the color of the walls very well.

Hubs built this wall unit to close off the very large gaping opening between the dining area and the living room.

I love to add bells around the house at Christmas.

We had the family all together around this tree last Sunday.

I have put this tinsel tree up in the guest bedroom for the past couple of years.  I collect the little clip on birds to attach to it along with some vintage and vintage look ornaments. It is sitting in an old granite wash pan.

Hubs has a small chunky tree that he puts up in his den that he decorates with woodland animals and red lights.  The grands like to see how many animals they can find on it.

And the last item but the  first that comes out of the Christmas boxes every year is the manger that hubs built for me the first year we were married.  I am afraid it is not a very good picture this year.

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and I wish you all a wonderful New Year from our home in the woods!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It is All About the Grands

It is all about the grandchildren for my husband and I through the holiday season.  I have had plenty I could be sharing with everyone right now but I have been busy keeping up with the family and getting our home ready for the upcoming Christmas gathering we hold here.

Today we drove to the city to do a little Christmas shopping and see our oldest granddaughter in a Christmas play at the church my daughter's family attends.  It was called "The Christmas that Saved the Grinch".  It was quite a production and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Our Granddaughter was one of the younger "Whos".  Doesn't she have the prettiest smile.  My sister commented earlier that she looks just like her mother, my youngest daughter when she was this age.
She is in the middle in pink playing a pink horn.

The following pictures are of some of the other actors in the play.

And if it works, here is a video that I took.
We had a fabulous day!  Blessings from our home in the woods!