Sunday, April 26, 2015

Come Walk With Me

Today was a beautiful day and I decided that I needed to go out for a walk.  I am a fair weather walker, I do not enjoy walking when it is to cold or damp.  I really need to make more of an effort because we have such a pretty property to enjoy while walking.  It is not very green yet and there are not any flowers to share either but here is the path I walk.  This path takes us from our yard out back through the woods.
How would you like to listen to one of the songs that I listened to along the way?

As we walk along this path there is a fork and I always stay to the left.

This is what the woods look like right now.  In another month the ground will be covered with fern and wild blueberries.

Continuing along the path.

And here we come to the opening where the back pond is. We have not had much rain yet this spring so it is not quite full.  The board is a foot bridge the woodworker has put there for the grands to walk across and sit to dangle their feet when the water is higher.
If you look to the left the back garden has been tilled and is waiting for the weather to warm up for planting.
As we continue around the pond you see this little hunting shack the woodworking built the first year we lived here.  

And now we have came around to the other side of the pond.

Taking the path back toward the house.

After we have walked back to the yard we circle around the house to the front of the property and walk around the big pond up front.
The water lilies have not come up yet but the pond is very pretty right now.
Continuing around the other side of the yard we walk past the hen house and all the feathered ladies come over to have a chat. 

 And here is the new raised beds the woodworker built last year all ready to plant.
  And on we go for another go round.  I usually take the same route 3-4 times around.  That gives me about a 2 to 2 1/2 mile walk.
Now this you may not enjoy as much.  Every year these ants build a large ant hill in the same place.  We are going to try and get rid of them this year.  They are always moving across a short path that I take back up the drive to the yard and I have to move fast to make sure I don't get any up my legs. Might give you the shivers.

When everything is green and the flowers are blooming I will invite you along again.  Blessings from our home in the woods!

circa 2011 The ORIGINAL Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop