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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I have a couple of good blogging friends that have asked where I have been and when I am going to add a post to my blog.  I have been busy with family and getting ready for Christmas as I  know everyone else is.  It just seems to take more time for me to accomplish things as I have gotten older then it did for me to do the same amount of projects and participating in Christmas gatherings just a few years ago.  We are really done with the celebrating with family at this point.  Hubs and I are spending Christmas Eve and day together except for delivering a couple of gifts to some neighbors.  The rest of the post is going to be mostly pictures to share what our Christmas looks like here at our home in the woods.
 Nativity was built by my hubs for me when we were first married.  It is the first thing I bring up every year.

Some of my hand painted ornaments.  I have not painted very often the last few years so these have been around for a while.
Next to a star made by a grand.

Hallmark close to 30 years old with a picture of my oldest daughters and a new one I received for a gift a couple of years ago.
In the living room.

Some of my favorites.

In one of the guest rooms.

Around the house.

Birthday gift from one of my daughters.  Largest poinsettia I have ever had.
We celebrated Christmas with our family here this past Sunday.  I was so involved I did not take a lot of pictures.  Waiting for my daughter and sister in law to post theirs to Facebook so I can steal.  But this is a glimpse of the grandchildren along with a niece and nephew.  

And here in Michigan most of us are having a very white Christmas that started out with a lot of sleet in parts of the state which has left a lot of families without power.  Say a prayer that they will get it back sooner than later.

Our deck this morning after yesterday and last nights snow fall.

This is looking down our drive.  It is always so pretty after a new snowfall.

Wishing you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas from our home in the woods.