Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Things

Seems like summer just slipped away from me this year.  Here are a few random pictures from the last month and a half.

 The view from our motel room on a short vacation that we took mid July.

Time spend with grands. I should write up a post with more about the gardens we were visiting on the day of this picture.

Some canning has been getting done.  This is blueberry butter and salsa.

I have been trying to keep up with monthly projects.  These are the Aurifil QAL blocks above for July and August.  Below are all the blocks up to date.

And here are both colorways of the CAL I am following along with on the Moogly blog.  These are going to be gifts for my mom and mom-in-love.

I have almost finished two more sets and I believe there are three more blocks to do before putting these afghans together.  I am looking forward to finishing them.

I expect your summer has flown by quickly also and I hope it has been a good one!  Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Friday, August 15, 2014

Are You Still There?

I have been missing in action here on the blog for so long I will be surprised if any of you are still checking in here.  I would like to say I will post more often but life is somewhat unpredictable for me right now so I won't make that promise.  Over a month ago I shared a birdcage here that I a planted with Sedum.  It hangs in the area the fairy garden is set up in.  I found this little gnome and it sits in the birdcage now. I told the grands that the fairies locked him up.

Then one day I got a note from my good bloggy friend Cindy Bee asking for my address. We met in person a couple of summers ago and I so enjoyed Cindy.  She and her husband are building a lovely home with their own two hands, or should I say four hands?  She sent me this sweet cardinal because she thought it would look good in the birdcage.  Well she is right, it is perfect.  I love it! 

 Thanks again Cindy! You can see the garden tour that Cindy went on  and found this pretty bird made by the artist that owns the gardens on this post by Cindy.  I hope you will visit Cindy at The Bee Lady from Hill Top Farm.

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Garden Project and Blooms, Blooms, Blooms

 I went to the local flea market a few weeks ago and picked up this vintage bird cage for just a few dollars.  I had been searching for one but they have been rather costly and selling quickly because it seems everyone is putting them in their gardens or home decor right now.

This one did get planted for my fairy garden area.  I had quite a few different sedum that I planted in an area a few years ago that are not doing well and I have been transplanting them to different areas.  So I dug some up and planted in this birdcage.

It has been a rainy summer and sometimes all that hard rain has ruined the blooms on my flowers but I have managed to get some pictures of some before they have made ragged.

I hope that everything is blooming beautifully at your homes!  Many blessings from our home in the woods.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Growing Up

It has been quite a while since I shared anything on this years new chick addition.  They certainly are growing and today I think I heard more of a clucking sound out of a couple than the normal peeps.  Of coarse before moving the chicks out to the hen house there needed to be some cleaning and I had read that the littles needed to be kept separated at first from the older hens.  They certainly were outgrowing their blue container.

This is how things went for a couple of weeks until some of the littles decided they did not want to be kept in their own area and started escaping when I feed them.

There was a little overseeing going on when they first ventured out to the run.

But I think that they have decided that since there are 15 of them, the littles, over 6 of the old hens they could certainly stand up for themselves.

And then one night a couple of weeks ago I peeked in after dark and found all the littles on the roost with these ladies.

And over to the other side on the food can was this lady that always goes broody every spring.  She is finally able to be the mommy that she always has wanted to be.  I could not snap the picture fast enough but both of these littles were under each of her wings before I disturbed them.

Now if I can just get brave enough to let them all out together to free range.  I am not sure if they will stick with the older hens and go into the run and hen house when I call them in for the day or not.

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Recycling for Garden Decor

I enjoy browsing Pinterest and Facebook to find ideas for recycling objects for our garden areas.  I was given an unused headboard by my sister in law for a project that I liked on Facebook.  I used spray paint with primer in it by Valspar that worked really well to paint this headboard.

After painting, I added a piece of chicken wire on the back center section of the headboard.

Dug some deep holes to bury the legs of the headboard and planted a Clematis to vine up through the chicken wire.  I also plan on planting some other plants or flowers around legs of the headboard

This spring I found this old bird feeder had fallen from the pole it had been sitting on for a number of years. 

I had been gathering up some miniature Fairy garden furnishings to start building a Fairy garden and decided this would be a perfect addition by turning it into a greenhouse.
Added acorn tops, which we have an abundance of in our woods, for the roofing.  Painted the feeder in some bright colors and had hubs cut a new piece of acrylic for the front and added some small potted plants inside. 
Of course any fairy garden that is located in our yard must have a few chickens.

The Fairy garden is a work in progress and I will share as I add to it.  I cannot wait for my grand daughters to visit because they gave me a small potted Fairy garden last year as a gift and I know they are going to love the expanded version.

I have not added much to the room divider that I shared on my last post.

I did paint the leaves with some exterior acrylic paint and I think it really made a difference.

Below is a glance of the shady pathway that I have been planting and the Fairy garden is in the group of trees beyond that path.

There is a  lot more to share with you and I will share as the gardens take shape.  Thank you for reading and blessings from our home in the woods.


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