Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Finish-a-Long

Hello friends, I know it has been months.  2015 was a ruff year and not a lot to share on this blog of mine.  Today I am going to join the 2016 Finish-a-Long.  

2016 Finish-A-Long

In this group join you list the projects you want to finish each quarter of the year. After checking out the other participants I have found it seems to be all sewing related projects which I have quite a few.  But I have some other pressing projects that I am going to add to my list now that is just for me, knowing that only the first project on my list will be eligible.   I do want to finish as many sewing, crocheting and other household projects as possible and feel less overwhelmed with my "I want to do that too" list that is always overtaking me. So up first in the sewing category is the 2014 Aurifil QAL.  I did finish all the blocks in 2014 and last year I started bordering each block to put the quilt together.  Well, my machine went into the shop, came out of the shop last summer and has set unused since.  So long unused that the blocks fell off my design wall one by one and have been stacked up waiting to be finished.
Q1 Project

I have three other projects I really need to get finished in the next 3 months. Two are crochet projects started last year.  Both were Crochet alongs.  The first one was supposed to be finished for my oldest daughter's Christmas present.  She is very patient. The second I am making for one of our guest bedrooms.

Sophie's Universe CAL

Spice of Life CAL

This is the last project I hope to get done and set up in my Sewing/Craft room.  It has been sitting in my dining area with tea cups and teapots in it for a few years. The shallow drawers were not very useful in that area but I think they will work wonderfully for storing sewing needs.  Not sure if you can see the rescued dresser sitting behind it but I am going to paint it with the same black paint that I painted the dresser that I also use for storage.  I wonder since it is going in my sewing room if it might be eligible for the 1Q?  

So there you have it my list of projects to finish in the first quarter of this current 2016 year.  Below is a picture of my Sister-in-law with the one project that I did finish in time to give for Christmas this past year.  I had forgotten to get a picture of the blanket before it was whisked off to Texas, where this picture was taken in the room of her home where it resides now.  

I hope this New Year finds you all well and ready to create whatever your hearts desire and/or enjoy living your lives to the fullest way possible.  Blessings from our home in the woods.