Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful Faces

It is hard to decide which picture of which grandchild to share first.  This first picture is of our youngest granddaughter.  Both of our granddaughters are home schooled and take some extra curriculum classes at a church they have attended.  They both take a class called Keys and Strings where they are getting some basics on the keyboard and violin.

We have celebrated a lot of the grands birthdays in the past couple of months.  Yesterday was our youngest grandsons birthday and today we went to a party for him.
He got a fake tattoo in the middle of the forehead the night before in case you were wondering what that red spot is.  I guess they do not wash off to easily.
Eating his ice cream cone from the bottom.  I think he must have found the cone more to his liking.
Birthday boy's sisters.

Our grandsons, the cousins:
Oldest who's birthday was in April and I forgot my camera.
Second oldest who's birthday was also in April and I shared a picture during the month of April with you.
Brother number three, and next brother number four.

Also last month our oldest granddaughter celebrated her birthday.
She loves the girly cloths.  The pink is from myself and grandpa.
The next dress is from her Auntie.
She went to Chicago for her birthday and visited the American Girl doll shop.  Her present from mommy and daddy was to get her dolls hair done and ears pierced.  She also used some birthday money to buy some doll accessories.
I had many more beautiful faces in pictures from the parties but I expect this post is long enough already. I will share the afghan that I gave our one year old grand when I can get a good picture of him with it.  Hope you are all having a great weekend and Happy Mothers Day from our home in the woods!



Anonymous said...

such a lovely post Brenda and happy birthday to all those smiley faces.xx

Shannon said...

Great pictures mom. Sure has been a couple busy months. I missed a couple lesson posts :(

Jenny said...

What a beautiful family!

You are surrounded by love!

That tattoo made me laugh! Why do they always put something like that where it's so darned noticeable?


Happy Belated Mother's Day!

mrs. c said...

Kid photos are the best! They make such cute subjects and it looks like you have been so busy. am so sorry that I have not posted lately, discovered what was wrong and now I have a new post. Happy Wednesday!