Friday, November 25, 2011

Finished Project

A few weeks ago I bought a small desk at a local antique store for $30.00 that I thought would work perfectly on a wall in the family room.  I had not been able to find the right piece of furniture for this wall since we moved here.  
I shop at this shop often and did not remove all the merchandise from the top before telling them to load it in my car, did not see the paint on the top.

 Did not really care for the brass hardware and also did not see that there was a break on the bottom shelf along the side.  Hubs also pointed out that the legs had been cut off at least three inches and not very evenly.  But being a good sport he did the repair on the bottom shelf and re-glued some joinery.   He also told me for the money it was a good buy because it was a solid oak piece.
I did like the worn black paint on the desk so I just sanded off the white paint and also some other areas to give it a more evenly worn look.
After sanding.

Ready to be finished.
 Decided to add some tinted wax for the finish.  This is something I had not used before but had some instruction from hubs and I like the finished piece.
New hardware.
Recently acquired wire basket at a barn sale.
Worked well with some framed prints and shelf I already had on the wall.  

 Yes you are seeing correctly, no woodwork on the wall behind the desk.  I pulled it off when I painted and hubs has not replaced it.  I usually get ahead of the game, we have a bit to replace throughout the house.
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Camille said...

I like the look of the new hardware there. Love finds like this....

Lorilee said...

I want a simple bench that my husband built to look the same way. Currently, it is just a light stain with a sealer. We use it as a coffee table. Your desk looks great with the black frames.

Bee Lady said...

well how did I miss this post. I love your new desk. Very nice. I like that old worn look.

Cindy Bee

Naperville Now said...

love the table/desk. didn't know about tinted wax. brilliant!