Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Party

This past weekend we celebrated our youngest granddaughters 5th birthday at her home.  Picture taking was difficult.  Their house is small and it was packed so I will just show you a couple.
Granddaughter and cousin, one of my grandsons.
Just got a real camera.  She takes wonderful photos, wondering if that will be her profession.  Older sister is behind her.
The afghan I made her.
 I showed you the afghan on this previous post.  Granddaughter number two really did like it but she was having trouble keeping her eyes off the toys she received.  Most of the children at the party had just gotten back from a day of Boo at the Zoo.  They were getting tired and so were their parents.  Hubs and I opted out  of the zoo trip since it is close to an hour drive to my daughters home for us. Our granddaughter's birthday is actually on Halloween.  Have a great evening.  Blessings from our home in the woods!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

What a gorgeous afghan. She will treasure it always. I bet she will even back it away in her college trunk years from now.

Bee Lady said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandaughter! I'm sure she is going to do a lot of snuggling with that blanket and she'll love it forever.

You have a cute hen house. I didn't realize you just started keeping chickens a year ago. Is it something you still enjoy? Someday I'll have to stop keeping's back breaking work. I keep going back and forth between getting farm animals or not. So much work.

Cindy Bee