Monday, November 7, 2011


Here I am day 7 of National Blog Posting Month and I was already at odds about what to post.  I see quite a few bloggers post about their day so here it goes.  I get up Monday through Friday at six A.M.  I would love to say I work out but I do not.  I shower, make some coffee and watch the morning news.  I leave for work at eight thirty A.M., I am a slow starter.  I have a part time job and usually work a four hour shift which infrequently turns into five to six hours.  I expect this sounds quite like a lot of your days. 
Today I paid bills, my least enjoyable chore, I know, yours too. Also did some of those normal house hold chores, dishes and some laundry. 
Of coarse there was some friendly blog visiting, I really spend way too much time at that.  I just cannot help myself.  And:
Organizing some projects in their very own containers.
 Forgot to crop the above picture.  You can see that there is more that needs picked up and put away.
A little sewing.  Some Christmas presents started.
 That is it friends.  A day in my life minus some nutrition and phone calls from daughters and of course a couple conversations with the hubs thrown in here and there.  Nothing earth shattering, just my normal day.
Wishing you many blessings!

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