Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work in Progress and More to Come

When I got home from work today I was just not in the mood to think about the quilt dilemma.  Read about that here.  I have decided what to do but it means sitting down and doing the math, for me that takes some time.  So I sat at my computer and brought up Netflix, watched a movie and worked on this afghan.  This one is a gift for one of my Grandsons birthday in April.  Trying not to start anything new unless it is a gift.   Trying.
While I was crocheting hubs brought in the mail.  The yarn I ordered to make Barbie cloths for my grand daughters came.  These are going to be gifts for next Christmas.  I even bought a Rubbermaid box to keep the cloths together as I finish them.
 Can you believe the size of the box they packed this in?  This is all I ordered, there was nothing else in it.  Do you think this is their way of collecting more postage or do they only keep one size box in supply?  Seemed very silly to me.  There are some stencils in there also.  I have a couple of old projects that I have had sitting around for a while.  I was planning on doing some decorative painting on them (yes I can do that and have) but it takes time and I have overwhelmed myself with all these things sitting around waiting to be done.  So I ordered some stencils.  Lets just say I should have read the size on the description because at least one is way too large. 
Today I was visiting The Bee Lady and she is linking up with The Clip Cafe's work in progress link up and asked us to join her.  I should have taken pictures of more of my WIP but there is always next week.
Have a great evening!  Blessings!



The Clip Cafe said...

Great! Love your creation the colours are really nice.Thanks for linking up :-)

Anke said...

Your afghan is going to be gorgeous! The colors and the pattern are just amazing!

Deborah Ann said...

The afghan is beautiful. Your family is so blessed to have you. The only thing I make from scratch is...hmm. Can't think of anything. See what I mean?

mrs. c said...

What movie did you watch? We are watching Toy Story 3, I am making hubby watch it because I love them!

Bonnie said...

Brenda, I crocheted this same afghan 30 years ago in almost the same colors. I have been organizing and cleaning, but I HAVE NOT been losing weight. Congratulations on your weight loss. I need to start eating more healthy as well. You have inspired me.