Saturday, January 8, 2011


It is not as much as we usually have surrounding us this time of year but it is here.
Path through our woods.
Love the snow on the branches.   
Today I have been painting the wainscoting and trim hubs has been putting up in our kitchen/dining area for the last two months.  This is something I have said I would start each week for the past two months.  Nothing finished to show today but I sure made a dent in it.  Hope you are all having a great weekend!  Blessings!


mrs. c said...

I miss chatting with you my friend! Please send me an e-mail, your last address is not going through. I love your photos...we are waiting for 6 inches of snow tomorrow night. I probably won't have school monday or maybe even tuesday. The first week back at school was good, got some exciting news to tell you! have a great Sunday!!

Rose said...

That looks so serene. Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Lucky you!!! They say we'll get some tonight and possibly a lot by mid-week. Seems like when they say that it turns out to be nothing!!!!
Way to go on the painting. As long as you do it sometime, it counts!!!

Bee Lady said...

AUGH - don't show any more pics of snow...I'm so tired of it already! Just kidding about the pics - they are pretty - but I am tired of it. It has just been so darn cold. And we've the snow for so long. I will be surprised if my bees make it this year, unless we get an early break.

Good for you for starting your Christmas presents early. The Barbie clothes are cute. And great for you for the weight loss.

I love the redwork fabric too. I almost bought a book on it, then decided I'd probably never do it. Maybe if I get some other projects least my WIP's....

The Queen, is a blog friend "the Queen of Whatever" She posted about our meeting yesterday. Her blog is listed in my side bar.

Have a great Sunday


PS - Hey I just thought of Sunday Praise?

Linda Stubbs said...

We got our snow it!!!! We hope it won't drift to much though. We got about 5" and had our little kitten out in it. She wasn't to sure. MY chicken Shelby........looks so funny! Alls you can see is her body. She seems to love it........enjoyed my stay.......pretty blog.

Blessings, Linda