Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy Weekend

Our weekend has been busy so far.  I went to watch my five year old grandson sing the American Anthem before the basketball game last night.  Thought I would show you a short clip of it.  These things are so important to the children, and they so appreciate it when you go to see their performances.
Our two oldest grandsons are spending the weekend with us.  Today while they were out snowmobiling and sliding with grandpa I met my friends for a all year quilt shop hop.  You visit one shop once 8 out of 12 months and they give you a free quilt square pattern and 20% off anything you buy during your visit.  The shop we went to this month gave out this pin cushion kit as a gift.
I usually buy quilt patterns, fabric for crafting or for quilts but this shop had a lot of cute kits with pattern and fabrics so I picked up a couple.
 Hubs had the grandsons pretty worn out by time I got back home so they have been kicking back and doing a little Lego building.
 Tomorrow I will be making a pancake breakfast and there will be some more playing in the snow, but for the rest of this evening we will be kicking our feet up, watching a movie and having popcorn.  I hope you are all having an eventful weekend also.  Blessings!

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Jenny said...

I loved you laughing through the song in the clip. Sounds like a lot of fun is happening out your way.

Stay cozy.