Sunday, January 9, 2011

Borders Cut

Good Evening friends!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday.  Took the afternoon off from painting and cut the border for the quilt I talked about here
And I had time to sew them on too!  It still is not wide enough for a king size bed.  I am finding it hard to imagine how it will look after making the adjustments I need to make to change the size from a full to king size bed. If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.  I got an idea while looking at a Gooseberry Patch quilting book to add a scrappy type of border using the leftover fabric from the butterflies.  It is strips sewn together and then cut  to use as a border.  The other problem I have is the quilt top is already pretty close to the length it needs to be.  Do I add the border all the way around or just down the sides?  Do I make the next border wider than the one I just added or the same width?  Quite the dilemma isn't it?  Well I  am off to crochet and watch a movie with hubs.  Stay warm!  Blessings!


Bee Lady said...

Well I'm not a quilter but I've made a couple of blankets. I meant to comment on this earlier when you said you were nervous about cutting long borders. I was nervous about the border on the blanket I was working on and I just went for it. It isn't perfect, but guess what? It's on MY bed and my husband and I are the only two that sees it.

I THINK what I would do is make the border all the way around, but just do an inch or two on the top and bottom and wider on the sides. Make sense?


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Oh, it looks beautiful. How satisfied you must feel.

mrs. c said...

You are so talented, I want to learn to quilt....will you be my teacher??? i love the colors in this piece, you have a great eye for color. have a great Monday, they have already called off school because we are expecting 6inches of snow tonight.

Vicki said...

I would add borders the same width on each side. The quilt will be great! King sized quilt are so big and can be scary with all that fabric!