Monday, January 3, 2011

Shopping with Friends

I have a group of wonderful friends that I love to spend time with.  I have joined into a couple of those big girls sleepovers the first ever for me this past year.  We go to quilt shops and quilt shop hops together and just love to spend time together crafting, laughing and having some good talks.  During our December road trip we came upon a quilt shop quite by accident and I found both some fun and pretty fabrics.
There is a red work panel that I think I might cut apart and stitch right over the print, possibly for some pillow tops.  I found some Christmas Scottie fabric I just had to have, may be making Ladybug a stocking out of it for next year.  There is also a very pretty set of fat quarters, a laminated card with a table runner pattern and another fat quarter to add to my stash.  That is a lot for me to walk out with at a random stop.  It was a great shop called Elaine's Quilty Shop and I hope to go back there someday maybe a little more prepared with a project in mind.  How did every one's first day of the week go back at work after the nice long weekend?  I cleaned out my incoming and worked on some of those things that keep getting put on the back burner.  I am hoping you will see more of me this month.  I joined up with NaBloPoMo again this month hoping it will keep me on task and I will try and post every day this month.  I tried in November and only made it everyday for half the month. 

Have a wonderful week!  Blessings!

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Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

Nice stuff you bought there...I'm trying very hard not to even go to stores that sell yarn/material, etc. I decided from now on when I want to go "shopping" I'll just go to my basement! I'm gonna start shopping down there! AUGH - cept for that red yarn I need to get to start that one afghan I wanted to make.....hmmmmmm

I like your crafty gifts you made. I've made a lot of knitted shawls out of Homespun. And I bought a BUNCH of it when Martha first got out of jail to make that homecoming poncho, but never made it. Do you think that yarn could be used for a sweater? I'm thinking I might try tackling a sweater this year. You'd probably have too many stripes. Maybe an other shawl...I don't know.