Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Dinner

I try very hard to always make hubs a nice Sunday dinner.  And most of the time I try a new recipe so it is a little more special.  Yesterday I made Leah's Beef and Noodles.  I found this recipe at the Gooseberry Patch blog on their Featured Friday blogger post here.  The recipe came from blogger Leah Beyer, you can check out her blog Beyer Beware Mother Running on Empty.  So if your would like to try this recipe just go over to this last Fridays post at the Gooseberry Patch blog and you can cook up a wonderful dinner that looks just like this.
Leah's recipe suggests serving it over mashed potatoes which is exactly what I did, just like I serve chicken and noodles.  I grew up in Indiana and that is the way all my family serves these kind of dishes.  The first time I made chicken and noodles my hubs refused to put it on top of his potatoes.  He did not understand what he was missing.  Finally after much coaxing I was able to get him to try it and now he will not eat it any other way.
  Yum!  Down home comfort food.  Thanks Leah for sharing your recipe!


Leah @ Beyer Beware said...

So glad you loved 'em! You will love it all winter long too. Noodles and potatoes are hot items here in Indiana, as you are well aware.

Bee Lady said...

yum yum yum...I cannot wait to try this recipe. You mean everyone doesn't put noods on 'taters! They don't know what they're missing...all that starch all mixed up together in a great big gut I said, Yum!