Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Creative Space

I am still working on felt food.  Sew Momma Sew's blog is having daily postings with handmade gift ideas.  I visited Craftyness is not Optional's blog where Jess has plenty of links and some of her own felt food tutorials.  I used her felt food instructions for the chocolate bar because my friend and I are making many sets for Christmas presents and I just needed a less fussy way of making the chocolate and still get the same cute result.  Only have two more bars to make and then it is on to breakfast foods.  And here is why I want to get the felt foods done.  I have bought this book of more wonderful feltiness:
And I must have time to make some of the wonderful things that are inside it.
You know how you buy a crafty book and there ends up only being one or two things that you may ever make in it. Not this book,  I think I would love to make almost everything that is in this book.  Love it!
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Also had a great dinner out tonight with hubs.  Celebrated our anniversary a day late. Took a little drive to a restaurant we had never been to before.   It was buffet style or you could order from a menu.  Good homey food along with a glass of wine for me and a beer for him.
Thanks for stopping by!  Blessings!


mrs. c said...

Sounds like once again you are so busy! I like the felt food, I guess I am around "play stuff" so much it's fun to see other ideas! I got your note, thanks friend! Congrats to you and hubby...sounds like a nice quiet dinner for two! Have a great week!

Bee Lady said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. The felt food is so cute. And the book, I have it too! I have been looking at it every night trying to decide what to make first. Like you, I want to make it all! I'm still working on my old fashioned knitted Christmas lights.


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I've got felted Scotties on the brain and a great old red wool coat ready to go in the washer and dryer for felting.

Taylor Made said...

Felt food is so fun to there no end to the possibilities?