Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Birthday

The birthday girl!

Our youngest grand daughter was born on Halloween, so yesterday we celebrated her birthday with her and a lot of little ghouls.
The birthday girl's older sister.   

The grandsons and grandpa.

It was a sunny day and the children played some games outside.
Birthday girl getting ready for the sack race!

Of coarse there were presents and cake but there were so many children in a small space that I do not have many pictures to share of those activities.
Trying on a new dress and some of the play jewelry that she loves. 
I also went to one of my friends birthday parties this past week.  We had yummy appetizers some warm Witches Brew wine and a lot of fun!
My friend on the left is the birthday girl (and a new grandma) and the friend on the right came in after we had all arrived and we all had to do a double take because we did not recognize her.  She was quite a hoot and I hope when we are really old enough to have our stocking hanging at our ankles we will all still be friends and enjoying each others company. 
Now for a question for my fellow bloggers.  When you post pictures of your friends, do you include their first names or do as I have.  I am not sure what blogging etiquette is on this one.
I hope to post a couple of more times this week.  But in case I do not I want to wish you all a good week!


mrs. c said...

Great Halloween birthday pics! I always put my friend's first name in my posts. I am sure if they do not like it, they will let you know! Thanks for the kind words, anyone want an owl cookie????

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What cuties!!

Bee Lady said...

Happy Birthday sweet little birthday girl! Sack races, what fun! I'm trying to think if I ever posted pics of friends. I suppose I'd use their first names. Cindy