Thursday, November 25, 2010

From Me to You

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friends!

Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving Day!  
And for you Black Friday Shoppers have a great time, I may even join you later in the day!



Bee Lady said...

Have fun shopping. I'm going to go for awhile, but not too early either. I hope I can spend some time this weekend crafting too. What crappy weather we had today. I hope it's better tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving,

mrs. c said...

You would love to shop with my kids and me. We left for Walmart at 12. I got in line to get a wristband so I could get the PS3 for Ben, saved 100 dollars, got Kitchenmade Mixer for daughter's b-day for 149.00 25 dollars cheaper thaN I have seen it. Got myself a Flip movie camera for 100 dollars.Lined up at 2 for armband, then walked around and found other items I needed. Got home n the couch. Had a great turkey day and blessing to you all.