Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

I can dream about spring and I can buy some pretty potted primroses and put them in a pretty metal planter but in real life there is still close to two feet of snow on the ground surrounding our home.   I went into the city today to visit my oldest daughter at her new home.  She recently moved in with a new room mate and I had not been able to visit until today.  We went out and did a little fabric shopping  and stopped at the greenhouse/market where I use to work in the office.  That is where I bought these pretty flowers to cheer up my kitchen.
This past Friday and Saturday I spent some time quilt shop hopping.  Friday evening I picked up this pink and brown fabric.
 Yesterday I got busy and stitched up this knitting needle roll for my oldest daughter.
I went on Saturday's shopping trip with three of my friends.  I'm a putz there are no pictures of us shopping to be had.  I am always so happy to be spending time with these ladies that I never think to take any pictures.  I did not buy much fabric on this trip.  I did find a pretty blue fabric to use as the sky for this pattern.
I also bought this new pattern.  The quilt shop had it all stitched up and hanging on the wall and it was really pretty.
 The only other thing I finished this past week is the two blocks that I cut for hubs throw that I am working on.  It is the first time I have sewn flannel and I made a real mess of one of the blocks and had to re-cut some of the pieces.  They are not perfect but I am happy with them.
I'm off to crochet on my grandson's afghan.  It is really close to done. 


Holly said...

You are so busy!!!! Love that case you made, esp. the colors! And that looks like Holly Taylor fabric at the end. I've made a few quilts with her fabric and love it! Thanks for sharing and have a good week!

Kim said...

You are by no means a putz young lady. Even if we had a camera with us the pictures would be blurred because of laughing while taking them. I'm so glad I made it. Had a great time. Thank You.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

My sister made a flannel quilt for us and it is the warmest blanket/quilt in the house. Yours looks like it is going to be warm too.

Brenda said...

Hey Kim!!! Glad to see you visited. Also glad you had a great time and that you were feeling well enough to come with us. We would have missed you terribly.

Bee Lady said...

Wow Brenda you have been busy! All that quilting and shopping and sewing going on. I made a couple of flannel blankets, not quilts, and they are very warm. Glad you finally got to visit your daughter in her new home. I've had a fun friend week this week too. We gotta do something to help us forget about the cold weather!

Cindy Bee

Bee Lady said...

PS - Love the primrose flowers. I went to the grocery store yesterday and bought some fresh flowers for the table. I decided I needed them!

Mama Spark said...

Nice fabric scores! Funny that pattern you bought with the houses and the checkerboard on it. I designed something similar during the time my DD lived in IN!

Debbie said...

I love the beautiful primrose bowl. Your' craftiness is very inspiring. I haven't done much quilting but love, love your projects.