Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Mail

There are days when you, as in you and I, go out to get our mail and find nothing of much interest to bring into the house.  Or it is a day with nothing but bills and more bills.  But today was a good mail day.  First I received mail from my seed swap friend.  I signed up for a seed swap at Prairie Flower Farm and my new friend Camille has already sent me a pretty spring note card with a sweet letter telling me about herself and a packet of Morning Glory's. 
This was very cheery after receiving another 8-10 inches of snow two nights ago.  I will be sending Camille her seeds after hubs and I go to G.R. tomorrow to the tax man.  We are planning on making a couple of stops while in the city. 
I also received the fabric I ordered last Friday.  This lady was quick at the Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop because there was no mail yesterday or Sunday so that made it a two day delivery.
So I did a little happy dance and made my way down to my work room after getting back home from my physical therapy session to finish off the first BOM that I am participating in with the Gum Tree Designers.
I was so happy and excited about how this block turned out I decided to cut out the pieces of flannel for the first two blocks for hubs flannel throw. 
 I think I am going to like these blocks also as long as I can sew them together perfectly.  This is the first time I have put a block with different shapes together.  Hope you all receive something special in the mail this week and that it makes your day.  Blessings!


Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

Those morning glories are gonna be beautiful! They grow like crazy in our zone. (5)

I haven't been on your blog since Friday! Love the bird in the nest pillowtop. That is going to be adorable. And your hubbies quilt is going to be nice too. I'm sure you will do fine piecing it all together. My sewing machine is from the 1980's. A Sears Kenmore. I'd be afraid to upgrade. Dave bought me a serger and it's so intimidating I've only attempted to use it twice. When we move I plan on using it a lot more, since I'll have a craft room - at some point.

And lastly, but not leastly, yes getting REAL mail is fun. I got REAL mail the day you, and a couple of other people, sent me a get well card, and I was getting well. Twas such a surprise.

Cindy Bee

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I love getting "surprises" in the mail - good ones that is!!

Mama Spark said...

Crazy Quilt Girl is amazing. One of my very best friends. Isn't she amazing??

Camille said...

So glad you got the seeds, Brenda. Love the little bird in the nest. So cute!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Blessings ~

Brenda said...

Mama Spark, Yes Crazy Quilt Girl is amazing!
Cindy Bee, Thanks! I do not have a serger but my best friend does and someday I am going to get a lesson.
Camille, sending your seeds today!
Hi Rocky Creek Scotties!

Rose said...

Brenda, I love this post. It is so ironic. Yours is the third post I have read tonight about blessings in the mail and random acts of kindness. Both of which I received today by just going to the mailbox. A dear blogger friend sent me a lovely devotional book. Something I did not expect.
I do so enjoy seeing all the lovely things you create. Thank you for sharing them.
Have a blessed weekend.

mrs. c said...

You are such a sweetheart! Are you doing your sewing thing tonight??? I am watching t.v. drinking a glass of wine and talking to hubby. I guess I am tired on Friday and just need to relax. Glad you got some seeds, it is so much fun to get stuff in the mail! We have had great weather this week, one day it was nearly 70! I put the top down on the bug-bug. Have a great Saturday, my friend.

Deborah Ann said...

Oh man, that bear square is to die for! Can't wait to see the completed project.

Your little seed expedition is making my heart flutter...hope of spring. Still nine inches of snow on the ground, but one can always hope...

Fiona said...

Your first block in the BOM "Things We Love" is great Brenda. Can't wait to see what you do with the heart.

Hugs - Fee X