Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Much New

As the title says, there is not much new around here today.  A lot more dreaming about things getting done then actually things getting done.  No weight loss this week. I actually gained about 4 ounces. I am calling it extra water gain and that is the story I am sticking to.   Then again, it might be from the nachos that I ate with hubs during the Super Bowl game this past Sunday.  We did substitute BBQ chicken for the normal taco seasoned meat, but there was cheese of coarse. 

I did pick up some charm squares today when I re-dropped off daughters quilt top along with the backing we picked up last weekend.  I am also hoping to find a jelly roll in this same group to use along with these.
I love, love these colors.  They are the exact colors I am trying to add to my living room.  Cannot paint the walls yet because hubs and a neighbor are going to close off some of the very large opening from the dining to the living room to something a bit smaller so the room more comfy for me.  I am use to very small rooms because we lived in a bungalow before this house.  I actually lived in that same house for 28 years.  So these really large open rooms just feel strange to me. 
But I have gotten off subject haven't I?   I bought the charm squares to use as appliques in the BOM that I talked about a couple of days ago that you can also join here.  I have coffee stained the linen that I cut into squares for the middle blocks and I have picked up the thread that I wanted to use.  I found some fusible webbing that I used on the butterfly quilt top and have some pieces ready to fuse on the block.  But, I did not have any fusible fabric stabilizer.  So this is as ready as I am going to be tonight.
 I was really excited to start the hand stitching but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I get back from the city or possibly until Sunday afternoon because my wonderful hubs is taking me to a Valentines dinner at church tomorrow evening.  Hoping to find a new dress tomorrow and a few needed items for projects and be home in time to get all gussied up for my date.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  Blessings!


Holly said...

I love those charm squares!!! I should just collect them and hang them on the wall for as much as I get done!!!! Those colors are so pretty. And they always have such cute names!! Saw one today called "Giddy"! How cute is that???

Have fun with your hubby!!

Bee Lady said...

Have a wonderful date with your hubs. Love the colors in your squares. I can't wait to see your progress.

Cindy Bee

Mama Spark said...

I love this line too. My friend, Cori has an online shop and she has great prices on her pre-cuts. Her shop is here
She is a sweetheart and her customer service is the BEST!!

Highland Monkey's said...

What lovely squares and what a good idea too stain some with coffee...didnt think of that when I needed some cream fabric, so thanks for that tip!