Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

Yes I did, I had a snow day.  I was unable to get out of the drive and down the road to work.  I do not think the plow went down our road until after noon and my part time hours are during the  morning hours. 
Tried to go out this door to feed the chickens.
I had to back peddle and go out the front door of the garage and truck around to the hen house.  I should have put on my snow pants, but I did not, and since I was already snow covered and I had my camera in my pocket I took a few pictures.
The top of this fence is at least two feet high.  We already had a base of snow before it started falling last night and Hubs thinks we probably got about 10 inches more. There was a lot of drifting from the high winds and some were around three feet.   Our daughters live south of us and they got closer to 15 inches. 
Hubs just has a small John Deere tractor with a plow and also a very large snow blower.  We have a very long drive.  When I was growing up we would have called it a lane.
This is just the turn around area in front of the garage.

So you ask what did you do on  you snow day?  First off I ran my printer out of colored ink printing off tutorials and patterns such as this pillow tutorial from FreckledWhimsy that she guest blogged about at Stash Manicure
And then I cut out 2 1/2 squares and backing for the above mentioned pillow from this fabric.
 I bought these samples and squares of fabric for a dollar a piece.  They all match the Waverly curtains I have in my living room.
I was going to make four of these pillows but they are large and I only have enough backing fabric for two.  I also have set up the sets of four squares so now I am ready to sew this next weekend.
And for the rest of the evening I will be working on grandson number two's afghan.
If you had a snow day today I hope you found it productive and enjoyable.  Blessings.


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

I love snow days - my hubby is a school teacher so when school is canceled, we just veg out and play with the dogs, watch movies, eat popcorn and enjoy our time together.


mrs. c said...

I love the colors of your soon-to-be pillows and the afghan is lovely! Grandson is so lucky to have a "nana" like you....what do they call you? I am Kaki. We did not get a drop of snow, just some wicked wind! I am glad, I need to have a few full weeks of school to get my kids back on track! Hope you are able to get out tomorrow, saw Jeff on the tractor, I have always wanted a little tractor! Hope the girls are o.k., are they still laying all those eggs?

Lorilee said...

You were definitely productive! They have announced that our local schools will be dismissed early tomorrow and be out on Friday in anticipation of bad weather here in South Texas. Of course, just a little snow causes frenzied craziness here! We seldom see the stuff. If we actually get snow, I won't get a thing done because I will be out IN it taking pictures.

Holly said...

What fun pictures!!! It's nice to not have to do anything but be cozy, once in awhile!!!

I was so excited for you when I read Bee in my Bonnets post on the winner, BRENDA!!! but then I say it was someone else... Bummer!!!!

Stay warm!!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

I wondered if you got a snow day. Looks like you made good use of it. Thanks for the info on the granny square blanket. I do get on their website now and then and I like a lot of their patterns. Do you get their little catalog in the mail? It's free if you sign up for it. Your pictures are beautiful. The snow is pretty, but I know we're all tired of it. I heard we're supposed to get another storm in a couple of days. I hope we don't.

Cindy Bee

Mama Spark said...

I had a snow day too, but instead of sewing I cleaned my house!! (It really needed it too) I did manage some super secret sewing in the evening and some sewing for the Stash Manicure post coming up soon. You guys got soooo much more than us. With all the hype, I was disappointed that we didn't get more!

Rebekah said...

Oh, Brenda! Your pictures are gorgeous!! I love the snow!!

Bonnie said...

I love snow days, as long as I don't have to drive anywhere. I finished a second sock for the lonely sock from last year. I'll be needing it this winter! I love your pillows. I'm off to quilt now.