Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have gone from posting everyday for a month to only posting about twice a week.  That was not the plan and I would like to find a happy medium so I am going to try at least to post every other day.
I went to the new physical therapist yesterday and my back is rebelling and I am thinking of rebelling also.   This is the third group I have been sent to I am hoping for a miracle I truly am.
As for projects, I have been carrying my supplies up and down the steps because my work area has been so cold.  Hubs has a heater in the den and I had one in my work area but lent it to number three daughter to use in our granddaughters room for added warmth.  My work area is in the walk out and it gets so cold in the winter  that is is hard to concentrate on what I am working on.  My wonderful Mom in Love loaned me this heater to try out and see if I may want to invest in one.
I works like a charm and I am thinking it would be a good investment. 
Yesterday after my physical therapy I stopped at Walmart for a few staples and while browsing found seasons 1 and 2 of Moonlighting.
Do you remember this program?  I remembered liking it and it was only $13.00.  Moved everything but my sewing machine back downstairs today and put disk one of  Moonlighting in the DVD player.    I have finished the four patch squares for the pillow tops I am working on.
It seems that everything I pick up to work on I am short something to finish it.  I need to find fabric for framing the squares so I have set this aside.  Hopefully only until the weekend when I am making a trip to the city.  So I moved on to cutting this muslin for a BOM that I am going to join over at Gum Tree Designers.  You can check it out here.
We are suppose to make these blocks our own and I am going to coffee dye the patches darker than what the muslin is.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to start stitching on it either because I do not have the fabric stabilizer that I thought I had here at home.  I did find floss in the colors I wanted to use at the local variety store.
My crafting/sewing friends and I have been going to a year round quilt shop hop.   Each shop is suppose to give us a free pattern for an eight inch square.  I decided to use them in a throw for hubs den.  He has been groaning a little lately that I never make anything for him.  The grand children are all getting afghans for their birthdays and the daughters are getting their much awaited quilts so I am hoping to get this throw done before next Christmas.  I started buying flannel yesterday for this project.  I have never sewn with flannel before but there are lot of manly prints available in it so I am going to give it a try.  Here is what I have gotten so far.

 I know this sounds like a lot of new projects floating around in my head and in my work room doesn't it?  I am going to keep working on finishing the old but I just see so many things I want to try while visiting all your awesome sites.  Do I quit visiting so I can keep on track?  I think not.  You are all such inspiration to me!   Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  Blessings!


Bee Lady said...

Heavens no you don't quit visiting blogs. You just keep on starting more projects. They inspire us! Don't worry about having a schedule for posting. It's a blog, it's supposed to be fun, not work. Lately I haven't felt like blogging much, so I haven't. No big deal. Is your basement not heated, or are walkouts just cold. I'm wondering because our new house has a walkout and we plan on living there until we get the house built. Then I plan on moving my craft room to that area. I don't wanna freeze!

Cindy Bee

Rebekah said...

Hi Brenda! Now, THAT'S a heater! I hope one day I live somewhere that I need a heater like that! I have to tell you--I love, love, love your reference to your mother in law as mother in love. That's awesome! Hope your therapy starts working for you--