Friday, March 4, 2011

Recipes to Share

First off I want to update you on my weight loss.  I did not mention it last week because I lost nothing and this week I put 1/2-1 pound back on.  It may or may not be because I just needed a break from the dieting and wanted to cook, really cook.  I have been coming across recipes that I print out for when I felt I could eat this sort of food again and I just wanted to make a couple. 
First off I made this Cheesy Italian Crescent Casserole that I found on the Saltbox Farms blog.  Sharon is a neighbor of mine.  She literally lives down the road and around the corner and has the most wonderful primitive shop across the drive from her house.  I have not made it over to see what new spring items she has in yet but I will, I promise I will. 
Doesn't this look yummy?  You can get the recipe here.
I had a small slice along with a salad.  Hubs ate a couple of large slices and has been eating the leftovers.  Now if I would have stopped there it might have been OK but,  Happy Mrs. C mentioned a wonderful food sight called the Southern Plate and I subscribed to her site and have been getting some wonderful recipes in my e-mail.  So on to desert:
This would be Mama Reed's Southern Style Rice Pudding.  Yummy!!!!  I had a small portion of this, yes I did.  You can find the recipe here.  Here is what it looked like in the center.

 So that is my story of my weight gain this week.  I would like to say it was sad but I sure enjoyed the food so it is not entirely sad.  I am going to try and step it up again the start of this next week.  I now have 11  instead of 10 more pounds to loose.  Hope you stop in for a visit at each of these sites and try out these recipes I know you will like them!  Blessings!


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Sometimes you just need to eat something good. I have lost 15 lbs. with WW. My husband is bringing home a pizza tonight and I can't wait. Back on track tomorrow. BLAH!!!

Mama Spark said...

OM gosh this food looks amazing!! Don't sweat the small gain, you'll be back on the right track soon!!

Bee Lady said...

mmm, those recipes look yummy.

Cindy Bee

mrs. c said...

I think that you are doing terrific on your weight loss. Sometimes you have to have " a bite" of something. I think that if you completely deprive yourself that you will binge. What is important is that you are more aware of what you are eating. When the weather gets warmer and you can get out and walk, the weight will drop off! Have a great weekend.