Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Past Weekend and Two Finishes

This past weekend I went on another quilt shop hop with my best friends.  We always have a great time together and I would really be disappointed to miss these outings.  We went to eight shops and each one gave us a different pattern sheet for a block that they used in the quilts that they were offering as kits.  I did not buy a kit but I took some pictures and this would be my favorite hands down.
I bought some fabrics for projects I have been collecting for but I did not take a picture of them this time around.  I also bought two more patterns, I just cannot seem to help myself.
I used the pattern for the Fat Quarter Bag this past weekend that I picked up two weekends ago.
I had bought a 6 pack of fat quarters this past December not really knowing what I would do with them.  I kept thinking of my Mom in Love because they are some of her favorite shades of pink.  At the last minute I realized that I needed exactly 6 fat quarters to put this tote together and I managed to get it done a couple hours after the birthday gathering.
I was so close to having it done before we went to my sister in laws home for dinner but I ended up returning home to finish it and ran it over to Mom in Loves home later that afternoon.  I really planned on taking a picture of Mom in Love with her tote bag but I got wrapped up in conversation and forgot.  This is how it turned out.
Side one, outside of bag.

Side two, outside of tote bag.
The bag is reversible, side one.
I missed taking a picture of the other side (reversible side) of the bag.   I had picked up a box of chocolates just in case I did not get the bag made.  They are mom's favorite, puddles, most people would call them  turtles.  Every time I think or say "box of chocolates", I think of Forest Gump. It was the first movie hubs took me to when we were dating.  "Life is like a box of Chocolates."  Can't you just hear Forest's voice?
 I am trying to continue hand making as many gifts as possible this year.   I have three grandchildren with birthdays the month of April though, and I have gone out and bought some toys to give them along with the afghans I have been working on.  Sorry to say I just could not help but fill some wishes.  I also finished my oldest daughters pillowcases out of the fabric she picked out when we spent an afternoon together.  She has moved in with a new roommate and needs some new things to make her room her own.
 So these are the things I have been doing this past week.  Tomorrow I am picking up my granddaughters to spend the weekend.  They have not visited since the first of the year, which seems so far removed already.  What are you all doing this coming weekend?  I hope it is a good one!  Blessings!
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rachel said...

Sounds like fun! The bag is very cute!

Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

I'm probably going to be working on a house, or packing stuff up this weekend. I love that tote bag. It's beautiful. I can't help myself buying patterns or books either. I just can't. At least you use your patterns. I always say, "it's cheaper than therapy."

Cindy Bee

Mama Spark said...

Looks like you had a great time and that bag is beautiful!