Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Finishes

I have been trying not to start anything new unless I finish something first.  My word for the year is finish and I am planning on finishing a lot of older projects throughout the year.   I had collected some fabrics last year to make throw pillows for my living room.  The fabric just sat until I came across this post and I wanted to make the pillow in the tutorial and did not want to buy new fabric.  It was a fun project but the fabric I used stretched a little when I machine quilted the top.
 I made two and they were originally intended for my living room but I have moved them into the bedroom the colors just work in there best.
But the big reveal this week is grandson number two's afghan.  Done.
 And look at the fringe in the next picture.  I do not really like fringe but this afghan is a self fringe afghan which means you cut the yarn at the end of each row and you do not turn the afghan over while working on it.  So, I remembered that Hooked on Needles gave a great tip on cutting the fringe after finishing the afghan.  You can see her tip here. 
And here is my new start.
The lighting was not right when I took this picture so the colors are not showing up well.  the other yarns are purple and pink.  This will be for grand daughter number one.  Her birthday is in April, two weeks after grand son number two's birthday.  I am going to have to step it up on this one. 
Received my favorite magazine in the mail this week.
See the "Chicken Pets For the Soul" article.  I love this magazine.  I have let a lot of my magazine subscriptions run out but this one I need.  It just makes my day when I pull it out of the mailbox.   So what are you all working on?  Where are you getting your creative muses from lately?  I would love to visit some new sites, always looking for new ideas and love seeing every one's creativity.   Blessings!


Mama Spark said...

It's so funny that you love that magazine too. We LOVE Mary Jane's Farm!!! Good job on the finishes too!!

Camille said...

I've been working in my flower garden in the yard. Planting some real pretty pink verbena by a pink rose. The rose isn't blooming yet...kind of got a set back from the cold, but new little leaves are starting to come out now. and my yellow rose has little buds I saw today for the first time. love seeing everything grow and we had a light rain today which will be good for the tomatoes and peppers. temps. are warmer now so have been working in the yard here.
the colors of your pillows are so pretty and also the pink and purple yarn. that will be so pretty. love the fringed afghan.

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

wow beautiful love the quilts

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hey Brenda, your afghan turned out great! I have decided my new favorite crochet technique is doing every row from the right side and then fringing the edges so there's no finishing work!

Your new crochet project is great too. Those are the same colors I used for an afghan I made last summer that is in my Etsy shop...great together!

Thanks for stopping by my site!


Bee Lady said...

Well Brenda I got my "sand and sea" afghan back out that I started on the end of last year. I can't quite just do that, so I've been pondering a few little quick projects to do in between a big one, such as an afghan. Oh I have so many wips....I have been staying away from buying new stuff though, so that's something.

Cindy Bee

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Wow, your pillows are so pretty but your grandsons afghan is gorgeous. It really looks warm and toasty. Lucky kid!!

Jenny said...

I love Mary Jane's Farm magazine, too! Have you ever gone to her place to stay? I think it would be fun, although I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't enjoy it at all.

Love that pillow. The fabric colors are so warm.

Highland Monkey's said...

Oh what a shame we don't get that magazine in Scotland :0( Love your makes they are amazing