Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So we had that wonderful 70 degree weather on Sunday and this is what Jeff and I worked on. The hen house is now red. It is hard to tell but it actually has a little rose tint to it. Jeff was unsure about it, but it is mostly in the shade so it mainly looks red. Did not think we would get this done before spring but here it is. The trim is still primer gray. But that is ok because we are both pretty excited about getting this done.

This quilt came out of my grandmothers attic when she passed away. No one seems to remember if it is one she put together or not. No matter, it was hers at some point and now it is mine. It does have some brown spots that seem to lessen after I have soaked it but reappear later.

Does anyone know what pattern it might be?

I am linking up to REDnesday over at It's a Very Cherry World! Take a look at what everyone else is showing tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Rhonda said...

The hen house turned out perfect! I love the color. It's a vintage barn color. :)

And the quilt is beautiful. I don't know enough about them to know the pattern though...

claudie said...

Well I for one think everyone should have red on the outside. My cottage is full of red outside and pastels on the inside. I love the hen house. 70? where are you? I'm in Ontario, Canada and we had nice, but not near as warm as you... I think we reached 47 today!!
Not a quilt person... but I love having them around.
Happy Rednesday Brenda, it's my first time here.
Love Claudie

~~Carol~~ said...

I absolutely love your hen house! I've always wanted to have chickens. Maybe some day! And your grandma's quilt is just gorgeous, and such a wonderful keepsake! I'm sure you'll treasure it always.
Happy Rednesday!

Bearly Sane said...

Love the hen house Brenda, it looks like mini barn! You sure will have some very spoilt chooks!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Your hen house looks fantabulous. Great job!
Living it up at Lakewood,

SueLovesCherries said...

Nice coop! I like the style of it. And that quilt has such a nice pattern - glad you have it!

Shelley Germann said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I posted quickly this morning and ran out the door, so I'm back to check out everyone else's goodies!

Your hen house is wonderful! How many hens are your starting with? How I would love to have a hen house!

You know, I've been quilting for 19 years and I've never seen this pattern. It sure is pretty, though. You are so lucky to have it! Did you know reds like that are called turkey reds?

Shelley Germann said...

I have a friend with chickens. She lost all her hens last year to a fox. Well, her neighbor took care of the fox and now all is well. I don't think she's lost any this year.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Cute hen house. Those little chickies will be laying lots of eggs - at least this small town girl things that's what goes on in a henhouse. :)

Your quilt is lovely and such a treasure.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Brenda, LOVE that RED henhouse. It is absolutely darling, lucky cluckys that get to call that place home! Your quilt is beautiful, I just love the old ones, they hold so much history. Happy Anniversary! thank you for supporting the Bible Study. I so appreciate it!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

That hen house is absolutely darling! Are you really going to put hens out there? Heck, it's so cute that *I'd* live in there!

Candy said...

What a great hen house and quilt. Perfect for REDnesday.
You asked how to build the clay pot tower...I drive a long iron rod into the ground. Then slide the pots one at a time down the rod. Fill with dirt then add the next pot. Kinda tilt it (as in the pic). You could use short PVC 'sticks' to keep them at the level you want. Continue as tall as you want. I have another one with a birdhouse on top and the pots get smaller as it goes up. Hope this helps. Have fun!

~Alison~ said...

Love the quilt!

The hen house is adorable! Makes me want to go out and get some (live) chickens!

Cass @ That Old House said...

The hen house is fabulous. Lucky hens! I hope they are not color blind!

Also fabulous -- that treasure of a quilt. I have heard that putting old quilts out in the sunlight can help lighten the brown spots, and it doesn't harm them like strong chemicals might.

What a wonderful thing to have!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. I've never seen that pattern before...I wonder if it's a blend of a couple of different patterns? And the hen house is great!