Friday, November 27, 2009

Day One Christmas Decor

I did not get up and do the Black Friday shopping. I am wondering where I have been. When did everyone start calling it Black Friday? When I was younger and wanted to brave those crowds we just called it the day after Thanksgiving shopping. I guess that does not have the same ring to it. I got up early yesterday to start the turkey and all the rest of the the dinner that we had here at our home. And since I get up at that time Monday through Friday for work I quite enjoyed sleeping in until almost 8:00 this morning. I did start putting out my Christmas decor though.

I started collecting Fontenini nativity pieces that are made in Italy years ago. Jeff built the manger for my birthday the year I bought the holy family. I have thought about staining it or painting it but I have always liked the raw wood (I think it is cedar) and expect it might possibly just color as it ages. I might change my mind one year, I've been known to do that.
It usually looks just like this the day I set it up. Then we have little guests.

And And it quite often will look like this.

I have been known to search the house for baby Jesus during the month of December. If you have not seen this nativity before they are hand painted on some kind of molded plastic. That is actually why I started collecting them. I had a small nativity set when my children were little and I had to glue some pieces back together a couple of times. So I don't mind the touching, it gives us a chance to tell the Christmas story to the little ones.

I also decorated one of my smaller trees. This one is in my living room. I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend!

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Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What a wonderful way to tell the story of Jesus to your little ones. It's a true story that never grows old.

Have a fantastic weekend.