Friday, January 25, 2013


As I am sure a lot of you are doing this winter, I am trying to get my home more organized.  I have started with my crafting/sewing areas first.  I did not remember to take a before picture, but let me tell you this closet had bags of yarn tossed in on the floor along with stuff I was planning on giving away.  I already had a couple  hanging closet organizers but I needed to get one more to get things put away.
This closet has a cedar wall so I think it is fine to leave the yarn in the open.  Another thing that I realized after buying the cheaper plastic hanger instead of one of the canvas ones that the cheaper hanger is actually sturdier.  The larger canvas sweater hanger sags while the plastic one has some hard edges across the front.  I also use a vintage cloths hamper to throw smaller pieces of yarn leftover from projects to use for scrap afghans when the stash gets large enough.  And when you clean out a closet it seems you always find something you have forgotten about.  I made all my grands afghans for their birthdays two years ago and I had bought yarn for our new grandson that I had put away.  His birthday is in May so it is a good thing I found the bag of yarn that I had already purchased.

Next week I hope to show you what I am doing with the mess you see in the next picture.

When I cut out quilt pieces and other sewing projects I have been throwing the scraps that are large enough to keep but to small to fold nicely in this bassinet.  It had become quite a jumble and I could not find a scrap of the correct color when I needed it.  Sew, I have started a project to sort these scraps into.
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It is also Friday Night Sew In tonight.  I signed up late and it is getting late but I plan on working on something from my cutting table.
Not sure what I will finish off or start but I will check back in with you tomorrow!
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I may even just end up working on the afghan that I talked about in the first part of this post.  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday Night!  It certainly is the night for bloggy parties.  Blessings from our home in the woods.


Melody said...

Well done on your organising.

Shannon said...

Cant wait to see the finished blanket for Henry!The girls always have the blankets you made them on there beds :)

Bee Lady said...

Good for you for organizing that stash! My room is all a jumbled mess again. (sigh). Can't wait to see that ripple afghan.

Cindy Bee

Bee Lady said...

What is the doll in that one pic...cardboard? Material? She's cute. Old-fashioned looking.

Cindy Bee

Cindy Lee said...

Love this post! My 'Lamb Puffs' dryer balls and supplies have used up every available pretty box/bag I have so I was eyeing the antique wardrobe in our living room. THIS will make THAT work perfectly! Thanks for sharing a great idea.