Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Night Sew In Results

I got a rather late start sewing last night but I did finish one project.  This is the January block for the BOM that I joined with two of my friends.  We worked on it together last weekend and I had the applique done.   These are so easy.  Just a little bit of embroidery, quite a bit of cutting and fuse it on.  Last night I backed it and stitched in the ditch along the boarder.
I do not have the frame ready yet, but hope to in the next couple of days, the following picture I shared before of the pattern book so you get an idea how this will be used.  I will share it in the frame as soon as I get it prepared.
That is all I finished last night but this morning I did stuff the dolly's that were sitting on the cutting table.
I have had this fabric panel for a couple of years and had sewn them up earlier in the week.  Took quite a lot of time and fiber fill to stuff them tightly.  Still could not get the necks not to have a wrinkle in them.  Did I stuff to tight?  Wanted the grands to be able to play with them and not end up with floppy heads.  They are cute aren't they?  That is it for my Friday night sew-in.
Handmade by Heidi

Went to Weigh In this morning, only lost 1/2 pound, trying not to get discouraged but I seem to be at a stand still for the past three weeks.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, I am going to go visit some other Friday Night participants.  Blessings from our home in the woods!


Cindy Staub said...

Your snowman block is beautiful and I am in love with your stuffed dolls! So cute!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your snowman - so cute! I'm doing weight watchers too and it seems awfully slow this time to me too. The older I get the slower the losing is. blessings, marlene

Jenny said...

Those dollars are soooo cute!