Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Exchange

Cindy Bee over at The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm has hosted a Valentine exchange this month.  I signed up and my exchange partner is Angela from The Country Cellar.  I received my gift today and boy was Angela generous!  We were told to fill an envelope, I received a box of goodies.
There was quite a few pretty gifts in this box so I made a cup of tea and cut up my afternoon apple, that I share with the Bug, to snack on while I sit down and write my post and share it all with you.
Peanut butter to dip my apple slices in. Yumm.
Everything opened up and laid out.

This was my favorite item in the box.  It is a dish cloth but I do not think it will ever touch dish water it is so cute.  There was also a second square dish cloth that will get used.  Red. Love it!
The pin cushion has found a home on my black desk just because it looked so good there.  I am sure it will move down to the sewing room once I get everything back in order.  Oh, I forgot, I have not told you that I have been emptying out my work area getting ready for some new flooring.  Ok Cindy Bee, my Studio, there I have said it just for you.
There were two of these little red candles.  They smell like cinnamon.  I put one in with my little birds to give them a Valentine look and the other is in a container waiting for me to light it and make my house smell wonderful.
This little pink bag is so cute.  You can see what it looks like closed in the first pic with all the gifts.  It came with some tea bags but I think I am going to put all those little punch cards we get from our favorite shops in it so I can find them easily  in my purse.
The above was my dingy old mouse pad.  Now I have this beautiful new mouse pad/calendar.  Makes me smile.
And I am sure you saw there was a box of chocolates also.  I am saving those for this coming weekend.  My two grand daughters are visiting and I think I will share this treat with them.  How wonderful to open my mailbox after work and errands to find this box.  I made myself put away the groceries before opening it and I will say it was well worth the wait.  I only hope Angela is as content with her gifts when they arrive.  Thank you so much Angela you made my day!  Blessings to all from our home in the woods.


Bee Lady said...

Good Lord! She did not listen did she?!?!! What a haul! That was the whole open something fun. Valentiney fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And jeeeez it's about time you called that "craft room" a "studio"! I'm working on my craft room right now at our new house :-)

Cindy Bee

mrs. c said...

I am so glad you made it home....finally! What a scary ride but I guess you are more used to the crazy weather! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day.