Monday, February 13, 2012

One Thing, One Week Challenge

Last week I signed up to participate with Amy's Creative Side, One Thing, One Week Challenge.  This is a challenge that you pick one thing and stick to it for the week and see how much you can get accomplished.

Amy's Creative Side

I decided to work on the notebook covers that I had started here.  I had only quilted the outside of one cover as of last week.  I managed to quilt the rest through the week and finished putting them together this past Saturday while my grand daughters were playing in the the play room next to my work area.
I made these notebook covers for my daughters and gave them as Valentine gifts.  I was able to see each of them over the last two days.  They all live a half hour to an hour away from us.
This one is for daughter number three, she loves the bright colors.
The following one is for daughter number two.  I was iffy on the fabrics I picked for her but she loved it.
The next one is for daughter number one.  She likes Oriental prints and pink.  She was also happy with hers.
The last one I made for myself.  I quite often do not get around to making myself projects like these.  I have made 10 of these total which included six for Christmas gifts.
If you have visited here before it is obvious why I chose the above fabrics for myself.
The Bug went to the groomer today.  All spiffed up with her Valentine scarf on.

These are four out of a couple dozen pictures.  She usually moves every time I push the button or she gets her face right up into the camera.  There is always something in the background that I do not want in the picture but I just have to follow her until she stops.  Today, we were in my work area so the carpet has thread and pieces of fabric on it.  It was a chore, but I thought it was time for the name sake of my blog to make an appearance since she has not been on for a while.
Take my picture mom???

Blessing to everyone from our home in the woods!


Bee Lady said...

Happy Valentines Day! I love your notebook covers. Where did you get the pattern? Ladybug looks adorable.

Cindy Bee

bethanndodd said...

Love them all! Good for you for taking the time to make one for yourself...great finish! Smiles~Beth