Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Pin?

I expect most of you will know I am talking about Pinterest.  I will sometimes find I have been pinning to my Pinterest boards for a couple of hours and wonder where that time went.  Oh the inspirations you can find and add so you do not forget, and the projects and tutorials that you do not have to print out anymore or save to your favorites and forget about them also.  But have you been going back to your boards and started any of those projects?  I have been pinning for a couple of months now and this past week I decided it was time to revisit those boards and pick out something to work on.  I do have a lot of projects in process right now, I always do.  But I picked out a crafty Prim project from Simply Prim that you can find here.  
I am not going to give you the directions, Kris at Simply Prim has done that.  She has made them quite easy to follow also.
It is hard to believe these hearts started out as these red chenille sticks.  I have made quite a few for some sweet little gifts to give some of my friends.
The flowers that I added are not the same as Kris added.  I was unable to find the same and I really like hers so much more but these will do.  I will be keeping a couple for myself.  They have found a home here and there.

So remember to enjoy pinning but do not forget to go back and get some of those pictures turned into real life objects!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit and blessing from our home in the woods.


Mary said...

Love Pinterest and love those hearts. I haven't seen those yet, don't know how I missed them considering the hours I spend scanning through all the pins...

Holly said...

Pinning is killing me slowly, but at least I have something fun to look at! Being laid up over here, it really has been fun having so many things to look at! I spend couple of hours on it everyday! Don't know what I'll do when I'm back on my feet! I see that some bloggers have a "follow me on pinterest" gadget. I'll have to get one of those!
Happy pinning!

Bee Lady said...

I have not started pinning yet but I will. It's all the rage!
Those hearts are adorable. I think they'd be cute hanging from some branches on an indoor plant.

Cindy Bee