Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Praise

 My favorite praise and worship song at this time.  Need to remember to keep my eyes open and my hands on the wheel when this starts playing on my car radio!

Happy Valentines Day friends!  Have a great day with your loved ones!


Holly said...

I thought I just looked at your blog hours ago, but there are 2 posts that I hadn't seen! You are a busy lady!!!!
I LOVE this song also and bought it for my ipod as soon as it came out. It's such a great song!!
Love your plant are so talented and gifted! And that little Valentine's mailbox is so adorable. I can see it with Christmas decor also!! Who wouldn't want to put a note in that?
Have a happy love day!!

Jenny said...

What a great, great song! I love it! Thanks for sharing this talented singer. I've not hear of him!

mrs. c said...

Wow! That song is hopping! I love those upbeat songs, don't you think that is what "make a joyful noise unto the Lord" is!
Thanks for the kind words, I do think we live parallel lives! It seems we do the same things at the same time!
I L-O-V-E all your handiwork! You are so talented!
I need to get busy and I love the Funky Junk Saturday Night Special...they show so many neat ideas!
Looks like we are getting more snow, rats,I am off from school tomorrow and it looks like I am going to be stuck!
Oh well, maybe I can make something and blog about it!

Rhonda said...

love this song too! It makes me wanna sing at the top of my lungs. :)