Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wedding

I am back.  Not completely rested but back.  We could not have asked for a more wonderful day Saturday for our youngest daughters wedding that was held right here in our back yard.  After two months of working day in and day out we have to admit it came together beautifully and I think our daughter and son-in-law were pleased.  I am going to start out saying that the photos I am sharing were taken my my sis-in-law, hubs youngest sister, and they are lovely.  My camera was missing in action.  I would spy it but be in a hurry  helping to get things done and then totally forget to grab it.  These are beautiful photos and I hope you enjoy them.  I will have to spread things through the week or the posts will be to long.  I will start with pictures from the ceremony today.
Groom on left, Pastor on right.
Grooms Brother and our Middle Daughter
Son-in-law (middle daughters husband) and our Oldest Daughter
Our Grandchildren
Daughters of the Bride and Sons of our Middle Daughter
Our oldest grandson was in charge of the music do not have a picture to share or him.
Groom and Groomsmen
Bride and Bridesmaids (taken later)
Father and Bride
Cousins doing a little whispering.
Mr. and Mrs.  
That is a start of a look at our past Saturday.  I am finding if you click on the picture to enlarge it you will get a clearer picture. You will also see that a couple of the children managed to get into the punch before the ceremony and dribbled down their white shirts.   I saved them from my sis-in-laws Facebook page with her consent.  They were much clearer there.  Thanks for coming back for a visit after my long absence.  I hope you will not get bored with wedding posts throughout the week, I hope to post my normal drivel next week.  Blessing to you all!


Bee Lady said...

Looking forward to all of these wedding photos. It's beautiful so far!!!

Cindy Bee

Mama Spark said...

Your daughter looked lovely! You had a perfect day, so happy it all went according to the plan. Aren't you glad it's over so you can get back to your life too? Congratulations!!

pinsandneedles said...

Beautiful outdoor wedding! Does take time to recoup...I know...just been there myself!

mrs. c said...

What a lovely wedding! I know that you are happy that it went so well. I can't wait to see all the other photos. i know when I helped with my niece's wedding it's hard to remember to take photos so I am so glad you had folks helpinh you out. School in-sevice is busy, my room is moved and I am getting redy for the kids.So glad you can "take a little rest" but I know canning is in your future!

Rebekah said...

Fabulous! Can't wait to see MORE! Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous. What a beautiful bride. I just LOVE weddings...I know you must be exhausted though!

Holly said...

Beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done and a precious new member of the family!!!
Take a break and bask in the lovliness!

Brenda said...

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments! Still a bit tired but want to get back into my routine. Seems summer has past us by while we were getting things ready for the wedding. Yes Mrs C, I do believe there is some canning in the near future.

Camille said...

So glad it was all like you planned. Your daughter is beautiful and I love seeing the pictures.