Friday, August 5, 2011

Orange and Purple

Orange and Purple were the colors my daughter picked for her wedding colors.  Mostly it was purple with some orange flowers added in bouquets and center pieces.  I on the other hand was planting as much orange and purple as I had time to add in my flower border and pots.  It was a new combo for me having never used them together in planters before. 

With hubs help laying the edgers we finished the border that I tore up to widen earlier in the summer.  You can see how it looked on a previous post here.   This is what it looked like a earlier in July.
The border has been filling in nicely the last couple of weeks.  Here are some good pictures taken by sis-in-law this past weekend.
 While I was cleaning out from under shrubs and trimming them I ran into some slippery characters.  When they got tired of me disturbing their peace and quiet out of the sun they would move to higher ground.
Rebekah, this one is for you farm girlfriend.
 I have some other before and afters from our summer "getting ready for the wedding" work that  I have saved up to share with you all since I have been away for so long.  Have a great weekend!  Blessings!


Camille said...

Love the baskets of pretty flowers and the borders. You really put in a lot of work. So pretty!

Michaele said...

Hi, new follower here. Just popped over from Tales From The Coop Keeper. Love the photos and the feel of everything.

Bee Lady said...

OMG! when you said slippery characters I figured you were talking about slugs, not snakes! I immediately thought of Rebekah too! Funny. Your flowers look beautiful and I see you got the brick down without taking mine. I suppose you won't be attending my brick moving party....whenever I have time to have it.

Cindy Bee

Rebekah said...

Oh Brenda! I'll have nightmares tonight! Right there?! While you were working? No more bush trimming for me. No more cleaning out from under. So, how close did you get? And how big were they? And HOW MANY?!?! Yikes. I've only seen one (from afar) thanks to your recommendation.
Your border looks beautiful.!I really like the edge. Tell me where you got those edgers and what they are made of. (By the time I finish with my yard, it will look like yours--you don't mind a copycat, do you?)

Brenda said...

We got the edgers from Menards. They are called an edger. I think made of the same as your normal bricks but tumbled? So sorry I can look for my receipt and it will tell me what they are called. The snake was a Garter Snake, they are very common around here. I think we had more than usual this year because we were watering everyday to keep the grass green for the wedding. This one was probably 16-18 inchs long. I took this picture after hubs unearthed it again. I had another one that did the exact same thing in another set of bushes. Walked away. Got brave with the camera the second time. Never had this happen before, ever. Oh my, if you copy me it would be a compliment because we do not think we do anything out of ordinary. Just putz away at it. Nope, Bee Lady no brick moving for me this year. I have moved all the sod and bricks I am going to for the year.