Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew In and Farmgirl Friday.

It is Friday Night Sew In and I have been cutting bias tape for our Middle Daughter's quilt that just came back from the quilter.
 Actually, I picked it up about a month ago, but we had the youngest daughter's wedding here last month and I did not get to work on it until now.  I will be cutting this fabric this evening for the binding.
 I am also going to work on the afghan that I started for granddaughter number two's birthday in October.
 I have been looking for a new camera.  The colors on all of the above pictures are not right so you will have to take my word for it that they look better together in person than what you are seeing.  Hopefully I will get a camera soon so I can show you the true colors. 

Handmade by Heidi

On to Farmgirl Friday over at Deborah Jean's Dandelion House.  As some of you know I spent the earlier part of the summer outside working in the yard getting flower beds ready for the wedding held here last month.  I did take some time to go to a couple of barn sales and here are a couple of things I picked up at one of our favorite spots.
 When I found the iron candlestick I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.  Not sure what the wire basket was used for originally but I knew I could find a use for it.
I had this small gazing ball from a project that came apart after being in the elements for many years.  I had to add some sand in the top of the candle stick to hold the ball in place.   You can see it in the flower boarder here where I posted about the boarder we re-worked this summer.  I was going to link that past post up with Farmgirl Friday, but for some reason the link I had saved for Deborah Jean's was out of whack for a couple of weeks.  Was glad to make it right again so I could participate with this fun party.
This is what I used the wire basket for.
And for some real Farmgirl talk.  It seems one of the feathered ladies was having an off day.

I do not think that since they first started laying eggs last summer there was ever an egg this small.  I took this carton to my daughters house so the grands could use it in their baking with their mother this weekend.  Thanks for coming by and go check out the Friday night parties.

 Have a wonderful weekend!  Blessings!


Kateri said...

That little tiny egg is so cute! The carton of different colored eggs is very pretty.

Maria said...

Love the colours in your quilt and afghan! :-)

Bee Lady said...

I loved this post. All the crafty fun stuff. I love your sew-ins and I hope to join you someday. And those afghan colors are lovely, even if they don't look right, they look lovely! I always think I want a nicer camera, but then I like to be able to just slide it in my pocket or purse and not worry about it getting banged around a bit. And this is hilarious! I never knew the "beach girl" and "dandelion House" was the same person!!! So funny. And what a great idea for a candlestick. I wouldn't have though to set it on sand. Great post.

Cindy Bee