Monday, August 8, 2011

True Blue Friend

I have a friend, my best friend, that helped me with some projects for my daughters wedding.  She knew I was stressing and wondering how to finish everything on time so she offered and I accepted.  I have a tendency to say "no I think I can get it done" but not this time.  She came after work and stayed both times late into the evening to help finish and then had to drive over an hour home.  She is the best. I found a pattern for a small clutch posted on a blog ran by  a quilt shop I had visited in person earlier this past spring.  I am not sure when they posted it but if you wanted to get in touch with them I am sure they could help you with that.  This is the blog Common Threads Quilts, the shop is in St. Louise, Michigan.  We made these as gifts for my daughters Bridesmaids.

I just called the shop and asked if they had the button sets that the pattern called for.  I described the material that I used over the phone and the wonderful lady that helped me said she had something that would work and I paid for them right then and she sent them out within a day.  Look how wonderfully they matched!
 My friend also helped me another evening to put together these program fans.  The one on top is the back of the fan, it is covering the info on the front of the fan.  Last names were used and I expect the wedding party would not want me to post them.  If I knew how to blur them I would have, but alas I do not.

So dear friend, if you are reading this, I want you to know how appreciated you are.  Cannot wait for some girlfriend days out!

I also made these favors that you can find instructions and templates for on the Martha Stewart site. 
If you decide you want to make these for wedding favors, you should print one good copy and then take them to a copy center for the additional pages you need.  It took a lot of ink.  I used one full color cartridge and most of another.  They are filled with wildflower seed.  You do not need to order it from the site they promote. It was rather expensive per pound in my opinion.  I bought four small boxes of wildflower seed from a local greenhouse for at least 1/4 of the price that was offered on line.  I did have to order the small envelopes on line though because I could not find them locally.  You can find the instructions and templates here.

That is all the wedding craftiness I have to share.   I am moving on with other projects and life challenges.  I have some more garden pictures to share later this week.  Does anyone know what happened to Debra Jeans Dandelion House site?  I was going to hook up with Farmgirl Friday last week and it totally takes you off to somewhere else.  Just wondering if anyone knows what is going on with it?  Have a great week friends!  Blessings!


mrs. c said...

You are such a sweetheart! You always take such good care of your friend! Wish I could have been nearer so I could have helped. Can't wait to see the garden photos.

Camille said...

Brenda, love the black and white clutch. What a cute idea for bridesmaids!

Bee Lady said...

First of all, what a great friend. And I just love how getting together with friends can turn work into special memories. Secondly, I love all of the gift ideas and party favors. Thanks so much for sharing that stuff with us. Great post.

Cindy Bee

Holly said...

Aren't best friends the "best"? What a blessing for you and a joy to have a dear friend to ride along side of you during good times and bad!! I, too, am blessed with a dear one...woulnd't want to be without her!