Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Parties

Good Evening!!!!  Since I have been missing in action so much lately, wrote about that in my last post, I thought I would post what has been happening around here and hook up with some Friday Night Parties.  First off stopping in at  Common Ground's Vintage Inspiration Party .
We use some vintage items for just the thing they were meant for such as this garden trug that belonged to hubs grandfather.  It is strawberry time here.
Other vintage items I like to use in new ways like this old tool box hubs brought home last year after buying it at an auction full of nuts and bolts.  I had to twist his arm but I got the tool box to make into a planter.  It is not filled out completely yet but last year it looked wonderful after a few weeks.
The birdhouse is not vintage but cute and hanging under that same shelf on the hen house.  So go check out the Vintage Inspiration Party, there is always some wonderful things to see.
Next stop is Deborah Jeans Dandelion House Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop:
Over the last couple of weeks we have been watching out for a sneaky fox.   We lost one hen and hubs chased the fox off while he was trying to drag another one out of the yard. 
My middle daughter, who use to work in a burn unit, came over and helped me bandage this girl up.  She had quite a few tears in her back and teeth marks under her belly.
It is hard to see but the bandage is camouflage print.  My daughter has 4 sons and there is a lot of that sort of thing around her home.
She is pretty much healed now, just missing a few feathers.  She, along with the other hens, want out into the yard but I am afraid of loosing them all.  So they have been confined to their run for a couple of weeks now.

As I have mentioned in previous posts we are getting ready for a wedding in our back yard this summer.  I decided our back border needs to be deeper so I can get more color in it for the late July wedding.  First I had to dig up all this black plastic edging the previous owners put in.  It was buried pretty deeply into the ground.
Then I laid out a hose to decide where to cut the sod out.  I had read this was a good way to figure out a design layout in quite a few magazine articles.  I put it to the test and it is very helpful.
It took me two evening to get it dug up.
Now I have to do the same on the other side of the walkway, add soil and compost and of coarse a lot of flowers.  For more Farmgirl post hop on over to Deborah Jean's. 

And lastly I signed up for the once a month Friday Night Sew In over at Handmade by Hiedi.  It is now almost 9:30 P.M. Friday night.  I came in from my digging and watering and have been eating a very late dinner salad while writing this post.  When I signed up for the sew-in I was hoping for rain.  No rain today, so as I wrap up this post I will be having a crochet-in for the rest of the evening.  I am working on our youngest grandson's afghan for his August birthday.  It is afghan number four this year only two more to go for the 5 year old's birthdays in October and December.  I am going to try and get at least 7 rows done before hitting the sack.
I expect it is to late for you to participate in the sew-in but it is great fun to check out what everyone else is working on. 
Handmade by Heidi
That is all friends.  I know it was a long post but I have so much to catch up with.  If it rains tomorrow I will be painting inside, if there is sun I will be digging in the dirt.  Have a wonderful weekend!  Blessings!


Deborah Jean at Dandelion House said...

Hi Brenda!
Glad to see you out in the garden! That's a lot of work to dig up sod, but you did a great job! Your new garden will be wonderful...I love things planted alongside a fence of any kind... thanks for your entry!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Wow, you have been very busy!! I love your vintage items & how they are displayed so authentically. I'm also curious to know how those bandaids held up on your hen (hope she's doing well by the way!). I've had a bad pecking problem in our hen house. Naked backs! We did use the hen saddles awhile back, but now it's getting so hot. Anyway, your bandaids might be the way to go! If you can, I'd love to know if they stayed on. Love them, but these chickens are driving me crazy :-/ -Tammy

Bee Lady said...

Hi Brenda,

No wonder you took a little bit of a blogging break. My gosh you've been busy. I think having a wedding on my property would be just the thing to do me in at the moment! How fun to join those online parties. Maybe some day I'll join you. Most of the time I'm sound asleep by 10:00...then waking up again around 3:30...then 4:30...then 5:30...ugh. Anyway, everything looks really nice around your place, as usual. I remember that tool box from last year!

Cindy Bee

mrs. c said...

You are truly amazing! You accomplish so much and I always enjoy reading your posts! I am so glad that my little hen-friends are doing better. Thank you so much for always reading my posts, you are such a good friend!

Debra said...

Hi Dear Brenda! your strawberries look lucious, and how cute in your carrier. I'd have snagged that tool box, too. Looks perfect up on that shelf with the flowers and vines! so glad you linked up for VIF! xoxo Debra

Mama Spark said...

Oh my goodness, those strawberries look amazing!! I need to find a place here to pick.