Saturday, January 4, 2014


This past year was not a great blogging year for me.  I only posted 74 times total, less than the first year I blogged almost 6 years ago.  I decided that if this next year my heart is not really into keeping this blog current I should take a break from blogging.  I have thought of a lot over the year to post about but then when it comes down to sitting down, uploading pictures and writing something up my heart just has not been in it. And I am afraid to count how many times I promised to come back and give you pictures of finished projects and have dropped the ball.  So I will start with one of those promises today.  A few weeks ago I showed you a desk that I painted with chalk paint, it was the first time I had used that kind of paint and was really happy with the outcome.  That post was here and this is the picture of the desk from that post.

Well I had promised to come back and show you some projects that I was working on for the top of the desk and that is what I have for you today.

I started out painting an old vintage shelf and box that had been sitting around for a while.  I like the chalk paint but decided I need to set them off from the top of the desk a bit.  So I decoupaged paper and fabrics to dress them up.
I distressed the top of the shelf a lot more than I did the desk and added paper and fabric to the in-sides and shelves.  This desk sits in an area of my house that does not get a lot of natural light so the pictures are not as clear as I would like. 

One of the first things I pinned when I joined Pinterest was a daily journal using index cards.  You can see the original I pinned here.  I had been really good at keeping the journal the first year because I just added a new card everyday. But this past year I had a hard time keeping the cards together because I had not found the perfect container for them and I just let my daily journal slip away.  This past summer I found an old recipe box the larger size that the cards I had been using and would fit in at a flea market and it hit the pile of things to paint and stayed there until a month ago.  I forgot to take a before I painted picture but here is what it looked like before I started decoupaging.

The insides will give you an idea of what the outside looked like before the paint was applied.

I had this fabric in my stash that I had fell in love with but had not found anything to sew it into yet.

 Here are a couple close up pictures of the box finished.
Inside lid, added a little glitter to the decoupage.

I have started writing daily again and decided each month to set up a monthly tab.  Although it will never really be where it is seen I decided to make it pretty. I smudged glue around the quote I found and sprinkled with blue glitter to give it an icy look.  Do you think it worked?  

So as promised here is what my desktop looks like.  I plan to change it out with the seasons.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and many blessings from my home in the woods!


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Melody said...

You really have a flair for decorating, it looks wonderful

Debbie Bosworth said...

Happy New Year Brenda!
Let me first just say that you really have a knack for creating and for staging things on your blog. I loved reading about the desk project when you did it and that daily journal box is very special. The fabrics are amazing and I love how you finished the box with a distressed finish in that beautiful blue. Really Impressive... I would love to see your journal cards up close! Are they decorated as well? Don't worry about disappointing others with your blog... It's not always easy to be creative, post picks, and write... it's a full time job!
Just have fun with your creativity and share what you can when you can! Hugs! Deb

Holly said...

I've been the exact same way, as I'm sure you've noticed! I'm not sure whether to go back and fill in or just start again...or quit all together! But I continue to read them all the time!
I love reading about all you do and the fun you have with the grands...just know you'd be missed!

mrs. c said...

Pinterest has taken so much of my time and I am going to try and post 3 times a week. Please don't stop blogging, maybe just post one or two photos so it is not too much work,but I would miss reading your blog!!! I love your box, tell me more about your daily journaling....I gave my grand daughter a large glass pickle jar and suggested that she write on a piece of paper something she learned or something nice that happened to her each day. She can read them all on New Year eve next year. Is your journal like that? Keep warm and I LOVE your desk and shelf!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a great makeover! Love the desk and the little box is adorable. Thanks for joining us at TTF!

Kathleen Grace said...

I think the box turned out just beautiful, and a little glitter is alays appropriate. Even though the box is not where others see it, you see it and that is reason enough to pretty it up:>) The desk is adorable and just the right size to work on small projects or do a little writing.