Friday, January 17, 2014

Farmers Wife

As I showed you on my last post I have started working on my Farmers Wife quilt blocks again after many months hiatus.  So I spent a couple of afternoons cutting templates and the fabric pieces out for five blocks so I could just spend some hours just sewing.  It always takes me a lot of time deciding on the fabrics I want to use for each block.  I should have moved the other things off the table before taking the picture but this is actually quite a bit neater than this table top usually is.  My design wall is full of other projects that I am working on so  I had to stop cutting because pieces on the table started becoming a jumble from them sliding around.

Block #84/Spool

Block #9/Box

I also took a picture of these two blocks together because I wanted to show you how using the very same two templates in both blocks, but less of one or more of the other, and switching the direction they are sewn together changes the look of the blocks.  These both use half square triangles and squares that are exactly the same size.  I also thought I had made a mistake because the points were not coming together along the edge before I remembered the 1/4 inch seam that will be taken when the blocks are sewn together.  So glad I did remember because I was about to rip apart and start over.  Ouch, that would have been sad to remember after the fact.

I will be sharing a lot of these in the future because I really want to make some progress on this quilt in the coming months.  Thanks for stopping by for a look and enjoy your weekend!

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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Melody said...

Might just get my blocks out too. I haven't worked on this quilt for ages

Holly said...

This is going to be fun!!!