Friday, January 24, 2014

Grab the Friday Night Sew In (FNSI) button

I am hanging out with everyone participating in the Friday Night Sew-In over at Sugarlane Quilts.  Why don't you join us?  I'll be back tomorrow to share what I get done.  I am getting a late start so I have not decided what I want to work on yet but it will not be hard because I have so many projects in the process!  See you all back here tomorrow with the results!



Melody said...

Hi Brenda, hope you have a great weekend

Bee Lady said...

Fun! Can't wait to see what you make! I'm going to go do a bit of crafting right now....maybe...and tomorrow I'm doing a cupcake pin cushion make-it-take-it at our local yarn maybe I'll see what you made on Sunday!

Cindy Bee