Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recently Finished and What Comes Next

Good Morning Friends!  I thought I would share some finished projects before I show you what I am going to be working on this afternoon.  For Christmas I made 24 of these Little Duffle Do It bags for gifts. You can find the pattern here, although I think I purchased it as a PDF pattern somewhere else.  I just goggled and found a shop in case you were interested.   I do not have pictures of all of them, wish I would have remembered to take some.  For the grands I picked out fabrics of cartoons, super heroes or something that interests them and filled them with things that they would find in a Christmas stocking.  We have always filled stockings for the grands but it has become to expensive as we keep getting blessed by more of them.  These were easier to fill, just a pair of socks or slipper socks, new toothbrush, trial size bath supplies and well, don't boo, candy and gum.  The adults got some lotion or shaving supplies in theirs. The following ones are some that went out after Christmas to some out of state family. 
For my dad who still after retirement works for a farm implement dealership in their repair shop.

Well I took the picture together but of coarse they do not live together
for my mother and step mother.

For my sister!  Cute fabric isn't it?!
I also sent this long past due apron out to my sister that I finished just after the first of the year.  For those that have visited me before you know I spent a little over a year making aprons for birthday presents for all the women in the family and sewing/work aprons for all my friends.  I still had this one and one more I have not started yet and I will be done with all the fabric I have bought for that purpose.  I always start the year out determined to finish projects I have started or fabric already bought for, but that quickly goes down the drain the first time I step into a fabric/quilt shop.  My sister has received this in the mail so I can share with you now.

As you can see I walk all over my house trying to find a good spot to get the best picture during our dreary winter months.  

I have also finished my last two blocks from the Red Brolly Girls Own Stitching Club, Le Jardin Quilt Along. Only one more block and the finishing to do.  Waiting not so patiently for that last block that is to be posted sometime next month.  

Every month we get a new stitch to learn.  This has been my favorite used for the roses that I tried to take a close up below.  It is called the Bullion stitch and is hard to control at first but once you get the hang of it, it sure makes some pretty stitching.  

Now for the work in progress.  I have started cutting out the pieces for the Farmers Wife quilt blocks I had put away in the spring after planning to work really hard on this one all year.  Yeah right.  These two blocks use the very same two templates. How awesome it is to see how using the same templates can create so many different blocks.  Of coarse I will share again when I have them sewn together.

I have also cut out the pieces from the blue fabrics and have the templates ready for the the others so I hope to have five blocks finished by the end of this week.  The key word is hope!  
So that catches you up with anything I have finished and what is in the works.  I have not got much done on the socks I shared on Friday but have been working on them a bit each night.  I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Blessings from our home in the woods!


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QuarterMileQuilts said...

Such lovely stitching! Love those pretty boxed pouches. Best, Kate

Lucy Beth Greene said...

I LOVE your quilt along blocks! The stitching is gorgeous!

Sara said...

Super cute stitched blocks!!

The apron is so sweet!

Bee Lady said...

I am in awe of all that you do. I love those little ditty bags. So cute. I'm not sure I could make them. The zipper...the dreaded zipper. I've only done a zipper once. It wasn't hard but I've heard it is. I think I will try it on something easy first and see how it goes. And the aprons you make are so nice. I need to get into the habit of wearing one when I'm home. I ruined a new shirt the other day by leaning into a counter top that I had cleaned, but apparently didn't get all of the bleach wiped up. I rarely use bleach and that's why! (and no I wasn't cleaning in the good shirt, I was finished cleaning and apparently didn't clean up all the cleaning liquid) I do the same thing with unfinished projects and the new year. I reckon we'll never be caught up, but then, we'll never be bored!

Cindy Bee